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  1. hakimoto

    Yusuf Haji's son sworn in as senator.

    Abdul Haji garissa senator .dynasty
  2. hakimoto

    Moses kuria arrested...

    For party after party past curfew hours..
  3. hakimoto

    World's biggest house .

  4. hakimoto

    Maina kamanda

    Kamanda maina. Ako sambamba. Socks ni how much.
  5. hakimoto

    Iran nuclear sabotage.

  6. hakimoto

    Yes rasta

  7. hakimoto

    El clasico

    Real 2 Barca 1
  8. hakimoto

    Admin started kijiji with one post.

  9. hakimoto

    Guardiola dropping it like it's hot

    They can't beat ten men leads. City 1- 2 Leeds at etihad
  10. hakimoto

    Watu wa electricity

    Hizi bulbs zetu huwa size gani.
  11. hakimoto

    Jenga na jalas na alex

    Foundation imekula 1m
  12. hakimoto

    Pale Norway. Own goal

  13. hakimoto

    Brazil the new epicenter

  14. hakimoto

    Ibrahim Johnny dead

  15. hakimoto

    Yes rasta..

    A man is still a man whether him wear jacket and tie, or walk barefoot The only difference is whether him good or evil
  16. hakimoto

    Simp music. zikuom.

  17. hakimoto

    Angela markel to retire ..

  18. hakimoto

    Kidero joins Wuhan clan.

  19. hakimoto

    Them mashrooms mix

    Embe dodo embe dodo...... They don't make them like this nowadays.
  20. hakimoto

    Yes Rasta

    I am not a qualified physician And I don't want to give this injection