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    warrant of arrest,: karura gang on notice

    CS MATIANGI orders arrest of adults responsible for teenage pregnancies in Trans Nzoia county which recorded 10,000 cases.
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    strong woman

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    watu wa dry fry na kuingia karura

    very soon,equal parental rights, no more viewing on the sidelines as you make single mothers all over. Endeni mutoe maoni, let your voices be heard instead of crying later.
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    vitu kwa ground

    after hizo matusi zote "siasa usiweke kwa roho". mandago 16/08/2017
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    HNBI , system ya facts

    copied from itumbi Deep State Tactics - FINAL PART INTERIOR CS KARANJA KIBICHO ( FULL KIKUYU AUDIO ATTACHED) 1. BE warned you cannot tape ( read record) this meeting,because you CANNOT afford Lawyers 2. I am a PS. This is a true story touching on me. I promised my daughter that if she worked...
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    about Rwanda

    has been said to be Scotland of Africa.
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    resist movement version 2.0

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    as you struggle with bbichieth and 2022

    Kenya population is approx 50m
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    prepare your lubes or it will be very hard

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    bills in ke.

    only 3 bills were passed and assented to in 2020 1 in 2019 4 in 2018 4 in 2017- election year 1 in 2016 17 in 2015 7 in 2014 19 in 2013- election year http://kenyalaw.org/kl/index.php?id=10207 2012-18 2011-34 2008- 6 2009-2010- change of constitution process , few bills in parliament...
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    covid vaccine is turning fellows to gays

    https://www.jpost.com/middle-east/iran-news/iran-cleric-people-who-are-vaccinated-for-covid-have-become-homosexuals-658173 An Iranian regime cleric in the holy city of Qom on Tuesday issued a homophobic rant against people vaccinated for COVID-19, claiming that they become g** after receiving...
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    100m vaccines

    non so far in bonobo land
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    one in 4 kenya is listed in CRB, guys are operating like the government. https://www.businessdailyafrica.com/bd/markets/capital-markets/borrowers-blacklisted-on-crbs-hit-14million-3276480 The number of loan accounts negatively listed with credit reference bureaus (CRBs) has hit 14 million...
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    mnanitumia vibaya

    murudishe mkono, muwache upus
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    interesting read, huyu ana andika kama relative ya @FieldMarshal CouchP au ni yeye?
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    siasa this and that

    feelings muweke kwa mfuko
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    do as Romans do

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    sonko hataki upus tena

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    expression of interest

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