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    The strongest single candidate in Kenyan 2022 race

    At 2013 ,raila termed the presidential race as between 2 horses and a donkey, the donkey being my homeboy kalonzo musyoka. Today if each tribal kingpin stands alone, it will be a race between a horse(ullium ruto) a zonkey (raila amolo) and several donkeys(cerelac boys like Madvd, kalonzo...

    Senye-tor YUSUF HAJI kicks the bucket

    the mortality rate of senators is fearful hapa Kenya. May he rest in peace

    Rexxumbwa at coast


    Jeshi iliamua ,majority vote

    now that tumeamua I want to post nude nilitumiwa na kablack burry ka Mwingi town dio watu wa kipimo ya macho waniagalilie Kama ni mtaro before I feast on the ikusde

    I found out that my d*ck has its own preferences

    Leo nimeletewa ikusde, I failed to rise to the occasion msichana Akaboeka na kujitoa, funny enough my regular coomer which I hit like there is no tommorow came later in afternoon nkagoga shot 3 ,and a fine assed yellow yellow which I have been admiring I had failed to ***, shit hizi mboro...

    @mimi humwanga huko uterus at old age

    sonkoo :D:D

    Shiny eye shines her eyes on Elon mursk

    @Chiefmbitika I told you your ladies are a scam

    Final words as proffesor travels to Valhalla

    KU comrades hawana huruma .

    Kanguthu after feasting decided to sleep

    but his friends @Sokwe mtu @T.Vercetti want to play:D
  10. BADASS

    Organised smart and financially stable man

    why do women hate a financially stable man who is single and smart? Utaskia huyo hawezi kaa Na bibi juu ya usafi, pesa yake ni ya wash wash, yeye ni shoga, ako na ukimwi since 1990 all those derogatory statements. Meanwhile men don't talk ill of a single childless senior spinster
  11. BADASS

    Ata Kama ni dawa

    Wadau hii Maneno inakaa namna gani?
  12. BADASS

    Patricia is breathing fire

    :D:D:D:D Tom analilia Kwa kinyozi
  13. BADASS

    Free financial advice

    Gentlemen, never be prompted to over spend on luxury wines and spirits guys claim to be drinking here, never be forced to live beyond your means because of imaginary lives of Ktalk "birrionareas". Well I am not a billionaire though I own some few millions and working hard knowing well I will...
  14. BADASS

    Tackle of the day

    Gentlemen let's elect the looser
  15. BADASS

    Let's put it into a vote so that some people who follow majority may have way forward.

    Washika dau ,will you take covid vaccine when it land in vumbistan?
  16. BADASS

    Huku ni wapi washika dau?

    Heshimu Walimu
  17. BADASS

    24th December

    I always remember this day vividly, naive I was trusting in lord, I remember the spasms of energy radiating inside my body with hope of life that I will be blessed with good life, beautiful wife and kids. I remember decorating te church for tommorow Virgin Mary would give us Jesus to save us...
  18. BADASS

    30k little favour

    how many have noticed he tendency of women borrowing you cash the moment you insinuate u want to smash that ikusde. It always come as "nfanyie kafavour kadogo ". Sadly a mature woman ask for a "small favor"of 30k!! 30 fucking k. That is enough money to hire 5 hactraes of black soil in B2 forest...
  19. BADASS

    Kambas we die like real heros

    my senator (disclaimer:graphic)