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  1. nelo angelo

    US bombs Syria facilities used by Iran-backed militia; first airstrikes under Biden

    Biden admin continues the American tradition. Wacha tuone kama it will escalate. ctrl c+v US secretary of defense Lloyd Austin WASHINGTON — U.S. airstrikes targeted bases in Syria used by Iranian militant groups suspected of attacking American and allied forces in northern Iraq last week, the...
  2. nelo angelo

    PS5 DualSense controller has ‘417 hour’ lifespan according to new tests

    Watu wa business za PS gaming hub should wait kabla walete PS5s. These controllers break within a few months and on amazon one costs $70. ctrl c+v Sony’s PS5 DualSense controller issues have been outlined in a new video in which the working lifetime of the hardware is estimated. In the...
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    Pele Netflix documentary

    @Abba Watu wa torrents:https://www.rarbgtor.org/torrent/52omkbe#expand
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    How fully modded PES 21 looks like

  5. nelo angelo

    Contract killing in Colombia

  6. nelo angelo

    Greta Thunberg involvement in Indian farmers protest

    It looks like this girl is being used by powerful people. I now really curious to know who are her puppeteers. ctrl v+c By Alphonse Joseph | Published: Tuesday, February 16, 2021, 12:52 [IST] What is toolkit, how is that linked to farmers' protest? New Delhi, Feb 16: Bengaluru activist Disha...
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    Racist origin of planned parenthood

    Summary ctrl c+v The founder of planned parenthood Margaret Sanger quotes “On the other hand, the mass of ignorant Negroes still breed carelessly and disastrously, so that the increase among Negroes, even more than the increase among whites, is from that part of the population least...
  9. nelo angelo

    American fake news merchants vs wallstreetbets

    Fake news merchants wamepewa brown envelopes to protect billionaire wallstreet mikoras. American media is very corrupt. https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/
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    old skool ragga

    Lets help djs kutengeneza playlist:D:D:D:D
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    2000s hip hop

    Tupatia DJs mix suggestions.:D:D:D
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    The French Connection: Inside The New Mafias

    @Abba International criminal networks are springing up all over the world, fleeing prosecution in their own countries or exploiting larger money-making opportunities abroad. France has become a target for international criminal groups, each with their own specialty: organised robbers from...
  13. nelo angelo

    Mozilla advocating censorship

    The slippery slope to internet censorship has began. They advice us to trust "factual voices". They probably mean big western liberal media houses like CNN, MSNBC, BBC etc. Kwa twitter mozilla wanabomolewa bila huruma
  14. nelo angelo

    Female Teacher w/ No ARMS OR LEGS Arrested For Molesting Boys In School!!

    ctrl c+v A formerly celebrated teacher in Greenup County, Kentucky – who was born without arms or legs – has been indicted on child sex crimes, MTO News has learned. Kentucky State Police Officer Shane Goodall confirmed to the media today that Mariah Scott, 29, was indicted in Greenup County...
  15. nelo angelo

    ICT practioners bill

    Hawa watu hawachoki kujaribu kumaliza careers za wase. ctrl c+v Andrew Alston started this petition to JOSEPH MUCHERU The Kenya ICT Practitioners bill is once again back - with its ability to stifle innovation, damage the ICT industry in Kenya, and make the country a far less welcoming place...
  16. nelo angelo

    The Day Police Dropped a Bomb On Philadelphia | I Was There

    @Abba Pamba za america wakishikwa na primitive urge of racism wanakuanga bonobo kabisa. In this episode of "I Was There", VICE meets with Ramona Africa, one of the only survivors of the police bombing in a residential neighborhood of Philadelphia in 1985. The bombing was a result of a...
  17. nelo angelo

    Gomorrah mafia tv series

    This gem of a mafia tv show passed most of us because its Italian with subs. https://1337x.to/search/gomorrah/1/
  18. nelo angelo

    Liverpool injury woes

    The gods of manchester have decided to strike Liverpool fc. 1 van dijk (injured). 2 Mohammed Salah(corona). 3 Andy Robertson(injured). 4 Fabinho(injured). 5 Alexander Arnold(injured). 6 AOC(injured)Jina ni rafu sana. 7 Joe gomez (injured)
  19. nelo angelo

    Colonial crimes

    @Abba The irony is the white savage used to call us savages.
  20. nelo angelo

    Football streams

    I found this link with multiple streaming options for each game. https://streamsgate.tv/