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  1. WongNamba

    Someone help me remember...

    Mazee I'm having a walk down memory lane with some old timers na none of us seem to remember ile cinema ilikua jogoo Road in the 90s that you'd pay for one ticket na uone ten movies siku mzima that were soft porn or something like that. Anyone?
  2. WongNamba

    Nostalgia of my first phone from yesteryears

    As I sit switching tabs hapa kwa chrome and flipping through @rexxumbwa's infamous momo pics nakumbuka my first mongolio mzae alinirushia immediately post secondary in the mid 2000s... That Sony Ericsson hizo siku ilikua ndo ya kusema! True legend. I think about those heady days of having a...
  3. WongNamba

    Asian Enclave @Southern Bypass/Lang'ata/ National Park

    Hua na wonder how exactly a part of the national park in Nairobi was hived off adjacent to Lang'ata barracks for the temple/school and housing project that came up at that road junction. Villagers kuna mtu anajua the story behind It?
  4. WongNamba

    No external food and drinks allowed on SGR "soon"