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    Badi kunukisha kitunguu

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    3 birrionaires to pay $55 million each to fly on a SpaceX rocket

    They’ll be led by a former NASA astronaut, mission commander Michael Lopez-Alegria Axiom Space, the Houston company that arranged the trip for next January. Axiom’s first customers include Larry Connor, a real estate and tech entrepreneur from Dayton, Ohio, Canadian financier Mark Pathy and...
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    Chelsea FC confirm Tuchel as their manager

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    KuFlush mita kwa choo.

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    Siwezimind kulipa 40k

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    Alpha male

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    Siwezi lipa more than 150

    Beenie Man and his 20 year old Daughter, Ikyra Davis
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    Shiny eyes everywhere

    Maina Soko Military Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia.
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    BRT Buses Schedule for Nairobi Estates

    Ndovu Line, Simba Line, Chui Line, Kifaru Line and Nyati Line. Ndovu Line starts at Kangemi to Imara Daima and was assigned four BRT buses. Two buses will ferry passengers from Kangemi to Imara Daima and two will serve commuters from Imara Daima to Kangemi. The first bus from Kangemi leaves at...
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    DJ Joe Mfalme joins Homeboyz Radio

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    Britam appoints new Group MD

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    DJ Joe Mfalme quits Capital FM

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    Mukuru haitambui M7

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    Explicit Ngong town

    Niko area wadau. Brothels huku ziko wapi nisafishe rungu?
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    Razima raila riwe riwalo

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    Olunga will earn Ksh 6.6M per month

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    Siwezi lipa more than 50

    Mali ya rexxumbwa
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    Mary J Blige at 50

    Siwezi lipa more than 150
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    Form 3 boy fakes his kidnapping, calls family for ransom

    Police in Meru have busted a form three boy who faked his kidnapping and started demanding ransom for his 'release'. The lad is said to have colluded with others to fake his kidnapping and make calls to his parents and relatives for a ransom after which his 'freedom' could be secured. Sleuths...