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  1. Miriraven

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    True, I got this function activated recently, as a part of a trader's way program. I was hoping to find out how it can be helpful to improve the results. Cutting the expected profits doesn't sound that exciting at all. I believe it really depends on the entgry points though. Will have to think...
  2. Miriraven

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    I wonder if anybody uses a trailing stop loss. I haven't tested it yet, but it seems better than standard stop loss, as it determines the % of loss using the current assets price (in %), not just a raw numbers.
  3. Miriraven

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    I can't agree completely with the statement that you should use Olymp for fixed time trading only. This is true that the problem exists. Pending take profits are really less likely to get executed than stop loss orders. Yet, this is not Olymp's fault. This is the essence of order types tht are...
  4. Miriraven

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    Trading on demo is the best way to learn a strategy, I'm also using demo to try sth new all the time and good that Olymp trade offers refreshable demo, I already refreshed it 30+ times, just to test different strategies. But don't forget demo trading isn't the real trading, sometimes it works...
  5. Miriraven

    LEAVE CHINA: Japan Pays 60 Firms $536 M to leave China immediately

    In my opinion, this is absolutely logical, because the "war" continues and China definitely needs to get rid of competitors and those that can negatively affect the situation. And it seems to me that this is not the first and far from the last step in this direction, which will take place in the...
  6. Miriraven

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    I don't understand where you got such settings in general. Your periods are too long (they can't be lower than shifts anyway). With these settings, the alligator can work out only on very low-volatility markets. I don't know which Olymp Trade blog you read, because their official blog recommends...
  7. Miriraven

    U brahs ever think about how

    In whatever we do on this earth, we should always know that everything is varnity, Nothing is permanent on this earth. This is why I normally tell people to stop beahing as if they are the queens of the earth. Normally, I hate those who put on dress that expose their anatomy. It is very wicked...
  8. Miriraven

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    On demo that's okey, you're just learning, so take it as a learning, not as a real trading. Almost all traders came through this. What trading strategy are you using?
  9. Miriraven

    Mwanaume ni kucross legs

    Kwani kuna shida gani mwanaume akicross legs. I think there is no problem. Though I may not know what you meant by saying manaume kucross legs. Generally, it is the women that always sit down while crossing the legs. For a man, it seens awkward and that is why some people think that it is wrong...
  10. Miriraven

    On a serious note, what's really going on in Tanzania?

    Tanzania ia country that is ruled by people who know what they are doing. The president of Tanzania is a man that will never be joked with. I think he is somehow a dictator but in small percentage. I have been following how he conducts his rallies and I have realiesed that his Madiwani always...
  11. Miriraven

    Guys is this a new strain of Corona in Kenya? Deaths are too high especially in mashinane

    It is true that the mortality rate has increased drastically especially in the rural areas. I dont know if they always do some postmortum test on these people. Surely, the corona virus is never a joke and we need to be careful with this disease. I see some people are joking and they say that the...
  12. Miriraven

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    I don't think so actually. These two types of trading are slightly different, so if you're beginner (and if you're asking things like this, I assume you're beginner), it would be different not to get mazed with 2 types of trading. Better choose only one type, I suggest Forex trading, as it's...
  13. Miriraven

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    As far I remember, Olymp Trade Global has video about that on their YouTube channel, you can check it out. But okey, I can explain in simple words - that's one of the trading modes available on the Olymp Trade platform. You're buying contract for a limited period with the fixed return rate if...
  14. Miriraven

    Democrat Governor Admits Masks Aren't Effective

    I can not disagree with you because I also read the same from somewhere. It is true that the masks may not be much effective when it comes to infection. The individual who put on masks are able to contact the virus especially when they touch their faces frequently to adjust the masks. At that...
  15. Miriraven

    Online fraudster

    I am not afraid to say that Africa has not met the requirements of online jobs. This is why the Africans are normally haijacked by the blogers. We should be aware that people are making money online, but most of the Africans are the most lagards that I have never met. Though I want to say that...
  16. Miriraven

    Jesus is coming soon dear ones!

    I really agree with you my friend. For sure we are leaving in the generation of the end times that we expect anything to happen at any moment. We have seen the signs and the wonders that were left by the Messiah Himself when he was derparting to heaven. Things are happening in the world today. I...
  17. Miriraven

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    Actually, it depends on your strategy and what you are more interested in. I started trading currencies in the beginning of my trading, but then switched to other assets to diversify my risks. I can recommend trading metals and commodities. But currencies are the most popular and are the easiest...
  18. Miriraven

    Building a house at 28 years

    I think, if you have money, you can build your house at your on pace. Why hurry yet there is no hurry in Africa. You are even allowed to build your house as long as you follow the right procedures. There are several factors that can make one to build a house for such a long time. Firstly, it may...
  19. Miriraven

    Corona Long Term Symptoms - vaeni barakoa, this is bad

    Actually, I would recommend that people should wear the masks with out failure. Watut wavae barakoa simply because, there is a second phase of corona virus, people should not be ignorant the way most people are. Corona virus is not a joke. Look how it swept some nations like Itally and USA. I...
  20. Miriraven

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    I think that's because MT4 is more popular among the traders. In fact, introducing new trading platform is very complicated thing, so the broker had to choose between two platforms. Maybe MT5 is better but MT4 is much more popular. so it would fit more traders.