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  1. ronybiatch

    When God brings, dont question.

    Wadau vp, ive come across a dilemma and i need your honest experienced advice. Me nimekaa tu polepole bila maneno, playing the polite neighbor kwa aparto pali naishi, always minding my own business...but lo and behold, i notice my neibas wifey giving me smily faces, and a tad bit of extra...
  2. ronybiatch

    Kibaki and Jaydens legacy

    Kibakis legacy is bitter sweet and will mostly be reviving the economy and stolen election leading to post election violence. Jaydens is just a bittter memory we want to leave behind. He will best be remembered for high cost of living, high cost of doing business, unparralleled looting and...
  3. ronybiatch

    Africa's most famous Mugster has spoken

    Maleven is that guy who was interviewed by Ross Kemp in Jo'burg and I think they even carjacked a dude on camera. Dudes been on twitter and I follow him, he's quite a funny character via his tweets. I bet he interacts with lots of Kenyans conversing in their mother tongue huko Soweto and that's...
  4. ronybiatch

    How to acquire one pack

    Wadau vipi, I love this forum coz when I'm in a dilemma I can rush over here, post it and I get instant advice that would probably cost me a small fortune were I to go to professionals :D:p Don't take it the wrong way, I value y'all feedback and opinions. Ok Sasa, I'm supposed to go to wifeys...
  5. ronybiatch

    This war will be on land, sea, air and everywhere

    Just stumbled on Wikipedia page for William Ruto. :D:D:D
  6. ronybiatch

    Kemri stops collection of samples for covid19 tests

    Just came across this piece of news, Kemri has decided that they will no longer be handling the collection of samples to test for covid 19. This has now been basically outsourced to private entities like hospitals, who after collecting the said samples, hand them over to Kemri who will only then...
  7. ronybiatch

    Euthanasia for my dog

    Wadau, i have a german sheppard, long coat puppy 7 months old that i acquired recently and brought it home. Now im an avid dog fan and i have a 1 year old south african boerbell whom i have had since 2018 . Needless to say, the two dogs didnt hit it off and ended up being sworn enemies. Last...
  8. ronybiatch

    Anyone ever heard this...

    In early 1900s the British profiled Kenyan tribes according to their mental capacities. This was to legitimise their brutal rule over Kenya and to justify their relationships with the indigenous. This was done at Mathare Hospital and His Majesty's Prison Nairobi which served as laboratories...