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    Is he trying to succeed himself?

    Besides #KenyattaCronyCapitalismStateCapture theres nothing Uhuru has pursued with as much resolve as controlling his succession. Who is this successor he believes in so much? It is Uhuru Kenyatta. Can he be stopped? Only if Kenyans resist tribalism and corruption. Tall order.
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    Nonsense! "What Kabogo Return means for Mt Kenya"

    I have just read in Today's Standard Page 12 that "Kabogo's return to the region's politics complicates the game for Kiunjuri and Peter Kenneth". Whereas I do not doubt his abilities, I stopped reading after confirming that this was a paid advert... Why? The writer says, "... the former governor...
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    Massage Sex=Whoring

    How old were you when you realized that massage sex is more expensive eating lanyes?
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    How ‘Accumulative advantages’ made Matiba wealthy

    https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/entertainment/showbiz/2001402417/how-accumulative-advantages-made-matiba-wealthy?fbclid=IwAR27r6uforLyjli85Sau03aVtMtBl6SZeaml7DTThQK1C6qpmdcTwE7lyp4 How your life pans out is largely influenced by the year and place of birth, as the life of the late one-time...
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    Bingwa Scrotum... Pole sana!

    @Bingwa Scrotum Am sorry for you? They meant to finish you!
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    KRA: Cargo Deconsolidation

    Who has seen this? And what do you think it means?
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    New ways of spying in Whatsapp and other 'secure and encrypted' apps

    A stupid user installs and activates whatsapp on their phone. Then in the course of usage, he/ she decides to install some spying app on the phone where whatsapp is installed. The spying up is given access the phone SMS messages (just like the mobile money lending apps), After some time, the spy...
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    Learning PHP

    Where can one learn to program with PHP quickly? I understand that you need this to write some scripts for USSD... And will PRSPs provide the environment to write the USSD programmes? Or to simulate the code?
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    Must Massage result to Sexing?

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    Part of the daily Shs. 2b Saga: EACC freezes Wa Iria’s assets in Sh542 million tender probe

    https://www.the-star.co.ke/news/2021-01-24-eacc-freezes-wa-irias-assets-in-sh542-million-tender-probe/?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1IZ4aUs6IWQmLPRqm4aXsd-bqemEarwcrVHrkKogFWzlSA-e1ji4VxVH8#Echobox=1611553246 The anti-corruption court has frozen assets...
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    So Koki (the lawyer murdered by a Nigerian guy) was married!

    I have just seen her obituary in today's The Standard that she was married to a fellow lawyer and that she will indeed be buried at the home of the husband? Why was the husband not mentioned anywhere in this drama? Does it mean they were divorced or that the Nigerian went to her marital home...
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    New Lanye Centres: Kinyozi, Massage Parlour, Estates!

    https://nation.africa/kenya/news/family-values-children-at-risk-as-prostitution-stalks-residential-areas-3265094?fbclid=IwAR2myx4ILMsGFPBhZQ_b0YA1CGXn-4q5BocD2b0104PmY5NxngidnUsbdko The evolving times have seen practitioners of the world’s oldest profession change tack to retain their client...
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    BBI Referendum Supporters Register: My name is on the list but I never signed

    IEBC has generated a list of he referendum supporters here: https://www.iebc.or.ke/election/?Building_Bridges_Initiative Kindly download and confirm that you were registered rightfully. I am on the list but I never signed. Which means only one thing: This registered was generated by the...
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    Have you ever told a woman that you want to be friends only and no Sex? How did she react?

    Females are simply impossible to understand! We spend some much effort trying to look for them to bed them and they will pay hard to get. But if you tell them that you only want to be friends without sex, they start crying telling you that you do not find them attractive enough! Gosh! Do women...
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    Kenyans steal Kshs. 2b daily: So how do they accomplish this feat?

    By procuring Bic biro pens for Kshs. 300 each. By Government officers asking the contractors to buy a '4x4 vehicle for the project' which never goes to the project sites but one vehicle is left at home to be used by the wife while the other is driven by the officer at the cost of the...
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    80-year-old man dies in lodge after night out with 33-year-old woman

    https://www.tuko.co.ke/400214-80-year-man-dies-lodge-night-33-year-woman.html?fbclid=IwAR1bhtzKjtlz-VPOWgIVQm2n9N2S2vRvDQS46CMnEYjzEC9RBhqcuvm0ltQ David Mluli was found dead on Saturday, January 16, at room number 22 in Mbezi Garden, Dar es Salaam city - His body was taken to Mwananyamala...