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  1. Onewife Onebabymama

    Convincing single matha

    There is this single matha who has told me that "children of single mathas excel in school".jst want villagers to gauge this statement
  2. Onewife Onebabymama


    I think a 'handjob till u c*m' is more satisfying with an escort rather than havin a 'sh*t'
  3. Onewife Onebabymama

    Female escorts

    Why are female escorts Quoting so much money and they seem to don't care about the client amount,does it show that they are usually more men who pay 'premium' amount?
  4. Onewife Onebabymama

    Swali ngumu?

    There is this lady who has asked me, if we are 'friends','lovers' or 'f**kmates'. Nimeshindwa na hio swali wadau saidieni?
  5. Onewife Onebabymama


    @Lou Tenant to 'explain','expound' and 'extrapolate' for villagers.
  6. Onewife Onebabymama

    Is it true...

    Regarding women that: 1.@rexximba handles only BbW :D 2. @Lou Tenant handles Ssbbw :D 3.@Violete is a veined treeholder on the prowl:mad:
  7. Onewife Onebabymama

    Booty call

    Villagers are plenty on this noble initiative
  8. Onewife Onebabymama

    Teenage horniness and diet

    If a girl child often takes fast foods regularly then in the morning bread,butter, sausages,bacon ,eggs and rarely eats greens and fruits. Then horniness and teenage pregnancy is the result.
  9. Onewife Onebabymama

    21st century philosopher (leading)

    ""Light skin" and "grip" doesn't fit in one sentence"
  10. Onewife Onebabymama

    Tommy Lee Sparta...

  11. Onewife Onebabymama

    Talk closet now open

    Manze Nimekuwa behind the scene 4 so long. Just welcome me with a standing ovation.