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  1. ronybiatch

    Why doesn't the govt, county, CDF, Youth Fund buy juakali artisans this machine?

    ...only that the muscled guys rendered jobless watakushika ngeta na wakuchunishe skuma usiku saa moja. Catch 22.
  2. ronybiatch

    Best business to start with kshs 100k

    The post inaongea kuhusu hustle ya Fundi Wa Zimu.
  3. ronybiatch

    Best business to start with kshs 100k

  4. ronybiatch

    Ukambani Abandon Ruto's UDA...."Ama Namnagani?".......

    Hehehe guka did you come to an amicable resolution with your kipiis, ama ni panel beating as usual?
  5. ronybiatch

    Leo ni Leo! Threshold lazima

    This a studio photo you couldve picked from anywhere.
  6. ronybiatch

    Low IQ au Ni stupidity tu ?

    Vile umeambiwa hapo juu, ku overcomplicate simple stuff.
  7. ronybiatch

    João Manuel Lourenço the president wa Angola amefinya Dos Santos family kama burukenge. Isabela Dos Santos, the richest African woman is now broke

    Lourenco should be handed a grammy, BET, Emmy, pulitzer, oscar and any other international award for setting a damn good precedent for Africa(ns). The gentlemans agreement he had with dos santos did not extend to his progeny. So next time someone plunders state coffers for/ on behalf/ with...
  8. ronybiatch

    Certain People Will Vote For Ruto In The Rift Valley Out Of Fear Of Clashes, That is the TRUTH!

    Hehehe, ruto has okuyus in r.v under hostage, kura ikipigwa, itokelezee na madoadoa, kuna watu wataimba luwere...na pia huko, kuna outbreak stockholm syndrome.
  9. ronybiatch

    Uhuru Now "Charming Buddy" With "Kenyan Legends" Waititu And Babu....

    Touche...what about when we elected indicted crime against humanity suspects as pork and dpork. We reap what we sow.
  10. ronybiatch

    Catch a cheating woman

    Watch Cheaters tv series ile ya joey greco, utapata enuff hints on how to catch a cheating woman...shida ni, once you CONFIRM shes cheating, what next? Utamchukulia life insurance ama?
  11. ronybiatch


    Niko gauge jo, niko maji jo, niko kerooroo...hii anthem iliweza.
  12. ronybiatch

    Realest movie quotes ever

    I know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail nonetheless. It’s frightening. Turns the legs to jelly. I ask you, to what end? Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. And now it si here, or shall i say, iam?? Thanos
  13. ronybiatch

    When did sagging your pants stop being cool?

    Lil Wayne Shooter lyrics And to the radio stations, I'm tired o' being patient Stop bein' rapper racists, region haters Spectators, dictators, behind door d*ck takers It's outrageous, you don't know how sick you make us I want to throw up like chips in Vegas But this is Southern face it If we...
  14. ronybiatch

    When did sagging your pants stop being cool?

    /If hip hop is dead, then i am the embalming fluid Artist :Weezy F Baby Track :Gossip Weezy was one of the best, if not the best hiphop artist around 2005 hapo, nigga hijacked the hip hop plane and steered it to the garbage it has become nowadays. Kwanza album yake ya Carter II is a real hiphop...
  15. ronybiatch

    The 24-Year-Old Igbo Lady That Transformed Her Body Naturally By Intensive Workouts

    Bikini pics zingetengenesa hii thread saaaaana.... Macho imengara.
  16. ronybiatch

    Luhyas and superstitions

    Hii inakuanga one of those unspoken truths ama open secrets. Kwanza huko naks nilikua na paybill nauza akoho, nilikua naona full names za "maboy wasapere" nastuka.
  17. ronybiatch

    Luhyas and superstitions

    Badala watu washukuru wameletewa nyama bure ya disco matanga, wanajishuku na superstitious nonsense. Saa hii wangekua parte afta parte, ubonobo ndio inawazuia.
  18. ronybiatch

    Getting used to condoms again

    Enyewe internet ilisaidia sana kuchanua watu. Huko 90's pale muchatha, nilichapiwa vile maboy mateenie, wamepata dem, wakaenda combi, alafu wanashare condom moja...
  19. ronybiatch

    Explicit Si leo niwaonjeshe tu? Bt ambieni admin atulie

    Inakaa @Violete na @Juan ni one and the same. Nway, ningependa kua huyo cameraman/woman...hizo mzigo look v very tempting.
  20. ronybiatch

    My gas shop ...started with kshs 600

    You started with a cigarette lighter.