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  1. TrumanCapote

    First Tesla in Kenya

  2. TrumanCapote

    Kalenjin serial killer charged with 18 murders

    It seems mauaji is just in the blood of this people hata waende wapi.
  3. TrumanCapote

    Kavindu Muthama

    When your own children turn against you.
  4. TrumanCapote

    The rapper who cut off his penis

  5. TrumanCapote

    Punda wives if you don't want a cowife pack and leave don't kill

    You are in it for better or worse
  6. TrumanCapote

    Today's Pre 25s class by Benjamin Zulu the King

    God bless this man. Nampenda tuu bure.
  7. TrumanCapote

    Juja MP succumbs to brain cancer

    RIP. 6th mp to die in 2 months
  8. TrumanCapote

    300 girls abducted from Zamfara

  9. TrumanCapote

    Goats head

    I miss this delicacy remember my mom roast head on jiko. Giving us pieces of the tongue and ears. So sweet.
  10. TrumanCapote

    Ugandan Suicide Cult

  11. TrumanCapote

    A man's life

    By Rev Charles Seet Preached at / Published Life BPC Weekly, 2005-01-30 Text: Luke 12:15 For many people living in the world today, life is nothing more than the pursuit of material wealth. In our land, this pursuit is often translated into obtaining the proverbial 5 Cs that epitomize the...
  12. TrumanCapote

    Why you should never mess around with a married, separated or divorced person :The case of Michelle Traconis charged with conspiracy to murder

    Exe wife Jennifer Dulos missing Ex husband Fortis Dulos commits suicide by carbon monoxide he had been charged for murder of his wife, no body but blood was found. Girlfriend to Fortis Dulos Michelle Traconis charged with conspiracy to murder This is what you get for being a 3rd wheel.
  13. TrumanCapote

    Another Kenyan man kills his lover

    Yaani wanaume mumeamua it's till death do us part eh? Ladies date Kenyan men at your own risk. If you love your life that is but if you are ready to shine on your way just link up with Kenyan man and you will be resting in peace in no time.
  14. TrumanCapote

    Sasa priest alikua ameenda KU do what in a single mother's house?

    Watu huchezea Mungu sana. Men, avoid going to a woman's house if you don't pay rent for it. Tuko pamoja?
  15. TrumanCapote

    Kenyan Lady spitting FACTS

  16. TrumanCapote

    Man who hired hit men to kill son arraigned in court

    Son kills parents and siblings Granddaughter kills grandma Now father hires people and pays 200k to kill his own son? Something is seriously wrong in this country. I don't understand the world I'm living in anymore.