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    Who said MCA views represent mine.How are people knowing where to go for public paticipeshion. Kuna mca wa Kiambu anaisifu mbaya mbofu hapa spice fm Wamepitisha hii kitu aki ya nani. Anywho,may be I can also vie for one of those new mp positions. In Central which are the 18 new constituencies...
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    Expensive fuel

    Wadau,115 bob is too.much for a litre of petrol. Nimeweka 2k na gauge bado iko pale chini ya half tank. Did I read somewhere that mkojo can be a fuel substitute. Hapa itabidi nikuwe creative at this rate
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    Rattled by drunk women

    Wadau pls be careful while dealing with rowdy women. Yesterday I witnessed a case where two women who got too drunk at a certain joint. They were not on the dance floor.So one of them engaged a dance move that she couldnt handle in her drunken state and ended up falling on their neighbouring...
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    Info sharing

    How do you deal with staff who refuse to share info on applications they manage. We just want to understand a process so that we interface the two systems to automate a certain manual process. Jamaa inasema tutaangusha system and that he was not consulted.Sisi kama contractors tumeambiwa we...
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    True or false
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    A simple search is taking too long to return results yet net iko sawa. Shida iko wapi wadau?
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    Midau ni kama mabeshte wangu who are doing well after getting better opportunities wameamua kunizimia simu. Tumashida nilikuwa natuo nilidhani watanipa support angalau ata kutokeleza kama mabeshte kwa sababu support tulihitaji sio ya kifedha. Na vile mimi hujitolea mabeste wakitaka support. Life...
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    Total Petrol stations

    Kwani waSomalia wame take ownership ya hizi petrol station karibu zote. Even my favourite sasa naona its being run by those spitting skinnies and I dont trust their products. I am ditching Total for good
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    Farm produce brokers

    Wadau,anyone with a suggestion on how these people can be dealt with once and for all. A farmer tends to his/her crop for 3-5 months ensuring all is done for maximum productivity. Come the harvesting time...whether there is an influx of the crop in market or not,these brokers come in and set the...
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    Safaricom Home Fibre plus

    It has become apparent that am going to work from home for the next 1yr. Last year I was using faiba 4g wifi which was useful upto some point. I ditched it for Telkom which has also has a strong presence in my area of residence.All was well until recently when it started being a nuisance.Can't...
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    Mtu asaidie mimi

    Kupata ile thread iko na picha I guess kutoka Twitter where guys are celebrating death of a certain lecture. There was one commenter who said that given a chance he would Cain his lifeless body. Saidieni tafadhali
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    Huyu tamaliswa pia

    I hope it is not a repost....can't go through the entire site to confirm after a fruitful day with the Manjaruos. We need more of these pple who.tell it as it is
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    Njaruos and Rhumba

    Am at place infested by those people mentioned in the subject. All of them are playing Rhumba... Kwani this people only associate themselves with successful legends. You cannot hear Pick Presha,Giddy giddy songs. Malcom X,Pio Gama Pinto,na ata haziwajui
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    Boeing 737

    Another one dived into ocean minutes after taking off from Pontatiek airport Watu wawache na hii Boeing 737 kabisa...whichever the series..wachana nayo
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    eQuity ATM cards

    I think I will close this account too,why deduct my 240 bob for a card they've been giving me for free. Nimeumwa sana,this billionaire is stealing from. Wadau ni wapi naweza fungua a current account ya operations yenye sitasumbuana sasa na hao watu.
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    Alpha males

    There is none like this one. His motto.... Better your best
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    The woman who found whales in Kenya

    While we were busy BBI-eyeing,she came from UK and discovered whales in Kenya https://edition.cnn.com/travel/amp/whales-in-kenya-scn/index.html
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    How is this shit treated? I have been having challenges catching some good sleep. Nililala saa tano,bado pata usingizi,it has been the same for the last 3 days. Heop
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    Watu wawache kuchokoza dynasty

    Sasa mwenye ametengeneza hii keki akinyofolewa makagari atasema ni kuonewa pia Thiriathly!!!