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  1. Simiyu22

    Breaking: Tiger Woods Sustains multiple injuries in accident

    In surgery. Car rolled. Had to be extricated from the car with the jaws of life.
  2. Simiyu22

    Larry King's Will running into turbulence

    Lawyers say its unlikely to hold. The CNN broadcaster died of Covid 19 in January 2021. His son produced a handwritten will dated October 2019. In it, he left his estate to his 5 kids. He's been married to Shawn King twice since 1997 and they were estranged. Larry himself was not cooperating...
  3. Simiyu22

    IMF Loans Kenya ksh 240 Billion

    $2.4 Billion. They expect the Economy to rebound 7.6% from the 0.1% contraction last year. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/1-imf-kenya-reach-agreement-163817406.html The International Monetary Fundand Kenya have reached a staff-level agreement on a three-year$2.4 billion financing package, the...
  4. Simiyu22

    Can we copy Singapore's Housing model?

    We will only begin to advance when we plan for our future generations and not make decisions for the now. Its a game of tactics and not strategy. In 1947, Singapore was described as one of the worlds worst slums. It took 60 years, but their Housing and Development Board (HDB) has completely...
  5. Simiyu22

    Breaking: Jeff Bezos to step down as CEO at Amazon

    He will become Executive Chair. Has been CEO since 1995.
  6. Simiyu22

    Chinese hate for foreigners

    I was following some techie vloggers in China and didnt realize how much hate Chinese have for foreigners. Great place for technology hobbists, btw. You can get anything and for dirt cheap. From circuit boards to heavy machinery. 1st world visitors like Americans, British, Australians...
  7. Simiyu22

    Alexei Navalny releases video of Putins $1B home after treatment from Novichok Poisoning

    Navalny is as shrewd as they come. Hapana tambua Putin. He narrates the video and calls Putin a loser. He survived the Nerve agent poisoning and returned home to Moscow from Germany but has since been detained. He had his associates release the video. It features Putin's $1B home at the Black...
  8. Simiyu22

    Happy Monday

    Its Martin Luther King day today. He vehemently fought for rights of the Black man, forever changing his course in history. But remember this: Not everybody supports your positive contributions.
  9. Simiyu22

    Gypsum wall partitions vs Regular Stone walls

    We are familiar with gypsum ceilings but how about gypsum walls? Advantages of Gypsum walls -Much more dynamic than stone walls. You can design any room you wish. And later go in and change. -They give a beautiful finish. Since the gypsum boards are even, the wall paint...
  10. Simiyu22

    CIA releases UFO Footage as required by Law

    US Intelligence was given 180 days to declassify and release all UFO footage. The Law was tacked into the Covid-19 government spending bill. They have begun releasing the footage although in formats that are difficult to search. This a copy of the first 3 videos released today combined. Some...
  11. Simiyu22

    China’s Corona vaccine only 50% effective.

    It was tested in Brazil where over 200,000 people have died of Covid-19 to date. Only 50.4% effective compared with 95% Pfizer and Biontech. 90% for Russias SputnikV. Developed by Chinas Sinovac Biotech. https://www.yahoo.com/news/chinas-sinovac-vaccine-general-efficacy-164149825.html A...
  12. Simiyu22

    Great Craftsmanship

    Jakom Jakom is his name on FB. Architect. @Randy and other esteemed building professionals, where can I get such fundis.
  13. Simiyu22

    Dr Dre suffers Brain Aneurysm- Is in ICU

    Dr. Dre is in the intensive care unit after suffering a brain aneurysm. The rapper, 55, is hospitalized at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, TMZ reported Tuesday. The musician was taken to the hospital by ambulance on Monday after suffering the aneurysm, according to the website. Dre...
  14. Simiyu22

    Dr. Roselyn Akombe is back

    To Africa
  15. Simiyu22

    Massive Arror-type Oil Refinery scam unearthed in Ethiopia

    Summary The Ethiopian government signed a contract for the construction of a $3.6 billion oil refinery with an American company called GreenComm Technologies. Upon signing, the government was due a $100 million standby letter of credit. Unknown to the government, this credit facility was to...
  16. Simiyu22

    Its Official: Africans have a gene that protects against severe Covid-19

    Its called the OAS1 gene. It is present in sub-Saharan Africans. It was lost in europeans when they migrated out of Africa. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2021/01/coronavirus-neanderthal-gene-could-protect-against-covid-19.html Actual study is here...
  17. Simiyu22

    How Banking's Sole Black CEO was racially ousted

    Long Read(but very nice): Summary Tidjane Thiam was the CEO of Credit Suisse until February. He was born in Ivory Coast. Credit Suisse is one of the largest Bank in the world and is based in Switzerland. He was formerly head of Prudential. PLC. He attended a birthday party for Credit...
  18. Simiyu22

    To pay dowry or not

    The African way or the Asian way? In 1961, India introduced the Dowry prohibition Act. A few years ago, I was privileged to attend the wedding of a Vietnamese co-worker. Usual wedding paradigm as observed in our modern African weddings. However the gifting part had one difference. Each...
  19. Simiyu22

    Lawyer embezzles $2 million of Boeing 737 crash settlement money

    - Lion Air Flight 610 is the first Boeing that crashed in Jakarta killing 189 in 2018. The 2nd one was the Ethiopian airlines. -American Lawyer Tom Girardi represented 4 families of widows and children of the victims. -After settlement was reached, he has not paid them. A US court has held him...
  20. Simiyu22

    China (Xi Jinping) stops lending to Africa

    And the rest of the world. Where will the next SGR lending come from? Belt and Road initiative -Worked in China but failing abroad. -China lends through state controlled China Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank of China (Exim). -Between 2008 and 2019, the two Chinese banks lent $...