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  1. nobert

    Did you know that....

    1. Ukichomeka na maji ama chuma(sufuria), the quickest treatment ni unga wa sima you rub it thoroughly on the burnt part immediately and you wont have blisters? 2. Ukitembea kwa njia and an insect lands on your eyes immediately look back and the will fly away? ......more to come
  2. nobert

    That was close

    Wadau jana nilimwaga chai nusu kikombe kwa laptop ikazima tu hivo nikajua baas, budget ya krismass imeharibika. Nikaitoanisha polepole nikapata motherboard inaenjoy chai huko ndani sawasawa. Nikaiwipe,na keyboard na kila kitu nikaweka separate, nikaziweka zikalala kwa mchele. Asubuhi kuaruka...
  3. nobert

    NTV Prime News

    Of late I have noticed that it is either Mark Maasai or Olive Burrows who reads the 9pm bulletin. There used to be a time they would shift the newscasters as they had extra one's.
  4. nobert

    God the Architecture, Man the Problem

    If the whole history of the universe is squeezed in one calendar year it is believed that man came into existence on December 31st at 10pm. This made me thinking, when God was designing nature, He went into a lot of thought to have everything work perfectly as He intended, then man happened...
  5. nobert

    Itumbi, Itumbi??

    Huyu hajui Sonko, Sonko will say he was never approached by anyone to testify against anyone. It is about to get messy. Another flip of the coin is that zonko is trying to repay the debts Matiang'i owes him, the several arrests esp in Voi.
  6. nobert

    Wadau, saidia

    I am currently working on a project, building a Microfinance from scratch and it is now heading to completion. Shida sasa ni from there I don't know where to head to next. If you need extra hands on a php sql system or you can sniff any anywhere I will appreciate. Haven't had time to build a...
  7. nobert


    These guys are priding themselves as sms providers yet they can't send a message to verify my phone number, so ironical. Who has challenges with them too ama ni mimi pekee?
  8. nobert

    System Templates

    What is always important, the functionality of a system or aesthetics? I always believe that a system once it can do what is expected to do and give all the reports, no one should bitch about the template used. I see nowadays there is that common side-nav template deployed by most developers and...
  9. nobert

    Pale Drumpf's land, batoto banasafishwa mesho

    Soon we will have Academies offering such
  10. nobert

    Online Shopping

    Today I was looking for E-POS TP - 300 printer driver online since the seller gave us a broken CD driver (if you have that driver kindly come inbox we talk sijaipata) and I realized how people have resorted to online marketing. There were over a hundred .co.ke websites selling that printer (but...
  11. nobert

    Understanding Clients

    Whenever you visit a client to gather project details na uskie "you know what I need is very simple", Hapo inabidi uongee na your ancestors kwanza. Hawa ndio wasumbufu kabisa when you deliver what they need.
  12. nobert

    Wadau, I need help ASAP

    Who has ever hosted with Kenyaweb experts? I am in a fix with their database system. You see I have the default username and password for the cpanel that i use even in the database. The other day they reviewed their systems and now you can specify a user and their privileges in the database, so...
  13. nobert

    Kuchafua Radar

    Unarelocate lokeshen mpya unakuwa friends na njirani a fellow bachelor, then unaanza shughuli za kutupa mtama kwa local gels, only to find that plot yenu imekuwa marked na NCA, KeNHA, NEMA, KPLC, DCI, etc as a no go zone since jirani yako amepita nao wote. Inabidi uanze kuimport ama uende next...
  14. nobert

    Android Studio

    This thing is the hardest in IT world to set up and run as required. The initial software is around 1GB, then after installing it it installs other dependencies that are around 1GB too. After creating a project now to run it it installs other tonnes of dependencies and mind you you haven't...
  15. nobert

    Tell a brother something

    My hassle and education doesn't allow me to stay in one place for long, and this has really affected my relationships. I am forced to be in long distance relationships and this has really messed up my love life. Even approaching ladies is becoming an issue as am afraid to start another journey...
  16. nobert

    How do you deal with this?

    In the plot I stay, other day I encountered an issue that disturbs me to date. This plot sits in a very good locality, and around it is the best. Right now with the covid issue, quite a number of tenants vacated so it is 3/4 empty. It happens that most of the time i am the only one in the whole...
  17. nobert

    SGR, is it viable?

    I stay at a place where i get to see the train everytime. One thing I have realized is that in a day it makes six trips cargo only that's three both ways. With one engine it pulls 32-36 containers and with two engines 52-56 containers. That's now during this corona period. Normal periods you...
  18. nobert

    Wadau Help

    I am trying to log into my cpanel and it keeps saying IP Address has changed. After consulting anko gugu he told me that either ISP ako na umama ya kucheza na DHCP lease time ama sijui ni DNS, ama my cpanel config isn't well set to store session cookies. The later isn't possible since i had...
  19. nobert

    Exam time

    With reference to Game of Thrones, show relevance to the current world situation on dealing with a pandemic from the North that threatens the lives of everyone. (100mks)
  20. nobert

    God uses atheists to pay fees for needy student

    Trying to argue out this is like trying to solve a 64 face Rubik's cube. "God is real." Those were the words of a relieved mother after an anonymous organisation pledged to pay for her son’s secondary school education. Her son was one of the top students in last year’s KCPE in Baringo...