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  1. nobert

    Did you know that....

    1. Ukichomeka na maji ama chuma(sufuria), the quickest treatment ni unga wa sima you rub it thoroughly on the burnt part immediately and you wont have blisters? 2. Ukitembea kwa njia and an insect lands on your eyes immediately look back and the will fly away? ......more to come
  2. nobert

    That was close

    Actually am informing guys about simple DIY quick home remedies to some problems
  3. nobert

    That was close

    Budget ya mpya ishawekwa coz sasa najua next will be finito
  4. nobert

    Uwesmake namaliswo pale senate

    introvert mokanika aliacha kuchora?
  5. nobert

    That was close

    Wadau jana nilimwaga chai nusu kikombe kwa laptop ikazima tu hivo nikajua baas, budget ya krismass imeharibika. Nikaitoanisha polepole nikapata motherboard inaenjoy chai huko ndani sawasawa. Nikaiwipe,na keyboard na kila kitu nikaweka separate, nikaziweka zikalala kwa mchele. Asubuhi kuaruka...
  6. nobert

    Boeing to pay Ksh 335 Million for each passenger that perished in Ethiopia

    Kuna wale wataenda 6feet juu ya hii pesa
  7. nobert

    NTV Prime News

    Of late I have noticed that it is either Mark Maasai or Olive Burrows who reads the 9pm bulletin. There used to be a time they would shift the newscasters as they had extra one's.
  8. nobert

    God the Architecture, Man the Problem

    If the whole history of the universe is squeezed in one calendar year it is believed that man came into existence on December 31st at 10pm. This made me thinking, when God was designing nature, He went into a lot of thought to have everything work perfectly as He intended, then man happened...
  9. nobert

    Techpreneurs kazi kwenyu

    Google maps has traffic intergrated in it, else leta contacts nikupe quotation
  10. nobert

    Watu watalia kwa choo

    I hated cytonn when i went for an interview with them and first they delayed us big time, was almost walking out, then i found some 20 something olds conducting the interview and i knew this is f^^^cd up already
  11. nobert

    Watu watalia kwa choo

  12. nobert

    Star Of Bethlehem To Appear On Dec 21 After Hundreds of Years

    Did Alien or Christ appear in 1226 or 1623
  13. nobert

    Baba is now banking on our ignorance, stay awoke brothers

    Time to support Raila has elapsed, I no longer associate with his madness.
  14. nobert

    Macharia wa kamau apana mchezo

    How I pray that the gas cylinder was fully loaded
  15. nobert

    Amazon taniua

    some problems are alien to some of us, we peasants can't relate
  16. nobert

    Over 4.6M Kenyans have endorsed BBI

    Na hao 4.6M ni wale wamekuwa coerced into signing it, kazi kwa vijana na civil servants. Ordinary mwakenya hawezi amka kuwekewa takataka signature
  17. nobert

    Over 4.6M Kenyans have endorsed BBI

    Tutaiangusha tu kwa debe unless wachokore server za France
  18. nobert

    Children with dreadlocks

    Some of these cool kids who have dreads also have extra time to waste grooming their chihuahuas,
  19. nobert

    Imeland elders wa tech

    Yani kinjana amenunulia mlembo shimo na watu naangalia tu fingerplint?
  20. nobert


    NV umeingia na ubao sana.