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  1. MwotoFAYA

    woman m-pesa shop looted , gang raped by nasa goons ,village feminazis where are you?

    naswa feminazis including georgina makende wako wapi wajaribu kuspin hii story
  2. MwotoFAYA

    MMEONA HII ???

    im amazed and scared at the same time: backflip:eek::eek:..
  3. MwotoFAYA

    Boston dynamics latest robot

    newest model spotmini getting more advanced very soon robots will be fighting wars, going to mars and replacing jobs we thought only man can do. some of their older models for those who are not up to date:
  4. MwotoFAYA

    m7 showing baba how to resist

    reminiscing them good old days
  5. MwotoFAYA

    Talk to Aljazeera :WSR VS RAILA

  6. MwotoFAYA

    Pushing the g** Agenda by any means available**-lions-male-kenya-masia-mara-affection-cuddling-mounting-public-a8031701.html :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  7. MwotoFAYA

    Mombasa :Youths and parents clean School smeared with faeces by goons last Thursday

    as babuon worshipers throw stones into a kawangware school today while children are doing rehearsals and after babuon on friday visited a school his own goons torched in kibra meanwhile in mombasa: St Mary's Primary School in Bangladesh , The faeces were smeared on walls and desks to prevent...
  8. MwotoFAYA

    after kibra school yesterday babuon goes to church in kawangware today

    hii ngombe ituambie arati ako wapi?
  9. MwotoFAYA

    Kisumu, Kericho governors meet over border tension after naswa goons assault voters

    On Friday, a rowdy mob barricaded roads in Muhoroni and Kipsitet towns, paralysing business and transport for several hours. Mr Paul Ngeny, one of those injured by the mob, said he was accosted as he left the polling station. The mob raided the polling station causing electoral agency staff to...
  10. MwotoFAYA

    Kisumu youths attack IEBC training, injuries reported

    On ntv ,Babuon worshippers led by mca attack iebc training session in awasi, chanting no reforms no erections, rescued by police ,training relocated
  11. MwotoFAYA

    Tanzania hands Acacia Mining $190bn bill for ''unpaid taxes''

    Tanzania sent Acacia Mining Plc a tax bill equal to almost two centuries worth of the gold producer’s revenue. The government issued the company, which mines all of its gold in the African country, with a $40 billion tax bill and another $150 billion in interest and penalties, Acacia said in a...
  12. MwotoFAYA

    Lecturers strike

    Another strike in kenya as lecturers take to the streets for the second time this year, demand implimentation of CBA I think the key contributing factor to all these strikes is the increasing cost of living And the unpunished corruption in all levels of government gives a perception that...
  13. MwotoFAYA

    mechatronics engineering

    is this course really marketable in kenya, do people who pursue it get good paying jobs? where do they work? i have a cousin who wants to drop architecture in his second year and pursue mechatronics because its ''in line with his passion'' nigga tells me he cant stand spending hours in front...
  14. MwotoFAYA

    Kebs : plastic rice doesnt exist in kenya........... (lies??)

    'Plastic rice' not on sale in Kenya — Kebs The Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) has denied the existence of "plastic rice" in the country. In a statement to newsrooms, Kebs Managing Director Charles Ongwae said the agency sent its market surveillance team to conduct tests on rice sold in...
  15. MwotoFAYA

    photos ,specs and details :what KDF is supposed to get for 20B less from Iomax instead of L3

    Make sure you have bundles ya kutosha before opening this thread front cockpit back cockpit
  16. MwotoFAYA

    US lawmakers urge Kenya to reconsider sh43b weapons deal

    Five members of the US Congress are urging the Kenyan government to reconsider a proposed sh43 billion purchase of 12 armed aircraft and related elements intended for use in Somalia against Al-Shabaab. The five congressmen said in their letter to Ambassador Githae that L3 “has no experience...
  17. MwotoFAYA

    Kenya Said to Be Near $800 Million Citibank, StanChart Loan (Bloomberg)

    Kenya is close to signing an $800 million syndicated loan with four banks to help fund infrastructure projects and support the shilling, according to a person familiar with the matter. East Africa’s biggest economy is expected to sign the three-year facility with Citigroup Inc., Standard Bank...
  18. MwotoFAYA

    shiny eyed indian caught in tz

    watu wa bungoma mnajua fertilizer ya county hutoka wapi? ,see below. thats the tanzanian prime minister hapo ameshika machungu
  19. MwotoFAYA

    DN Today: Uhuru, Ruto set to get 10pc salary rise

    is this true ? President Uhuru Kenyatta’s salary and that of his deputy William Ruto will increase by 10 per cent in the year starting July amid the government’s push to reduce the ballooning public wage bill. Treasury documents show that the combined annual pay of the President and Mr Ruto...
  20. MwotoFAYA

    Sh100bn in loans by end of March

    Kenya is looking to receive up to Sh100 billion in syndicated loans by end of March as it moves to patch up the current financial year’s budget deficit ahead of the General Election, Treasury PS Kamau Thugge has said...