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  1. Ren Riddick

    Hospitals and Overbilling. A Gertrude's Production

    And the horrible fact thrown right in one's face is that you can't avoid hospitals unless you're the lucky one with a good immune system and hoping no accidents.
  2. Ren Riddick

    Corazon Kwamboka Responds To Bitter Maureen

    An adjective is a word which describes a noun. What you're talking of is an adverb, which describes the verb, how the action was done. And an adverb is not a must in a sentence. You may choose to describe how the action was undertaken or not. So that is a very complete sentence. I was left. I...
  3. Ren Riddick

    Schools reopening shelved

    Mnasema Magoha ni umbwa. Alichelewa kufungua shule mlilamika. Akafungua mkalalamika Sasa sai anataka kufunga mashule mnalamika Bonobos mnataka nini
  4. Ren Riddick

    What is the occupation of Most Nairobi wives

    If you want advices you have to ask it from men. And you have to be wise as you do that. You'll want them to treat you like a friend. And the problem women make is expect, actually demand, something from a friend (to be treated like a 'friend') while forgetting that there's nothing they are...
  5. Ren Riddick

    What is the occupation of Most Nairobi wives

    What you saw is the highest level women can reach. Through evolution, women were not given the brains to be logical... Reason being, they do not need it. Take it like the case of a buffalo vs a cow. A cow was not given the tools to survive, give birth, cure illnesses on its own because they do...
  6. Ren Riddick

    Corazon Kwamboka Responds To Bitter Maureen

    Kwani umedhani mistake iko hapo kwa left:D:D Osungu Jameni. The correct sentence inafaa iwe, 'Even I was left'
  7. Ren Riddick

    Let's be friends

    That doesn't really count as sliding out of the friendzone. From my comment above, that is moving on. You moved on to a new catch. And this girl who had friendzoned you came back (after seeing you with the new catch) It's only that a man can't deny a chance to nut since they are scarce; not...
  8. Ren Riddick

    What next for kenya's film industry?

    Is there any form of entertainment Kenyans know. Kama ni uimbaji tunaskiza songs za Tz, Naija etc Ukikuja kwa film industry pia we don't know anything
  9. Ren Riddick


    We chose Capitalism and here are now the effects A country like Tanzania built on socialist principles is very livable. Huku ukiongeza trubalism in the mix makes Nairobi to be a very hostile place
  10. Ren Riddick

    Haikosi huyu ni talker

    Men who marry after that 35 is not because they have been unsuccessful all this time in trying to find a marriage patner. No, It's just that they never wanted to marry early. Some were still 'enjoying life' Others just never wanted to marry with little resources and were accumulating enough...
  11. Ren Riddick

    Haikosi huyu ni talker

    1) Any wise woman should ensure she doesn't get pregnant in a relationship or dating. She should only have a child in marriage and hoping that she made the right decision in the choice of a man she marries. 2) @Top-Gun you're not giving the reason in your theory as to why a man over 35 should...
  12. Ren Riddick

    Socialism sometimes works

    I know the point being driven home is to work together like Somalis and Indians; they support each other (usually regardless of bloodline) forming a tight successful unit. Like I remember reading an article of just how a few Somalis would go abroad for any business purposes representing the...
  13. Ren Riddick

    "Mtu Wetu" Nonsense

    Also what you've said about developments lacking in Central is not true. I remember reading in Newspapers some time back the road from Thika upwards would be expanded (covering some Central towns found to the north of Thika) and plus other smaller projects Maybe the disappointment is that there...
  14. Ren Riddick

    "Mtu Wetu" Nonsense

    Never knew that. Sikujua Uhuru ako na akili hivyo. If Jesus was around then that would have qualified as a parable. Central region of course in the past years had witnessed tremendous developments and was at a much better place whereas these other areas were seriously lacking and lagging far...
  15. Ren Riddick

    Why are Luos very excited about the BBI

    'Why are Luos very excited by the BBI?' Why am I one yet I am not excited. Not that I am even against it or supporting it, I just do not follow Kenyan politics and do not even know what it contains. But being excited? Though I am never surprised when Kenyans think people of the same tribe need...
  16. Ren Riddick

    Let's be friends

    Trying to get out of the friendzone is like a man (not a woman) trying to reunite with an ex-girlfriend. Now I'll give you a bare truth; friend zone is a polite way of a woman rejecting you. People do not get out of the friendzone. What do you do when someone rejects you? You delete their...
  17. Ren Riddick

    Shujaa wa Kijiji!

    @Master JG anahustle huko Eldoret akitafuta chakula ya familia
  18. Ren Riddick

    Shujaa wa Kijiji!

    Azanda, & only 23 years:D:D So I don't contribute on matters relating to business, real estate, land or anything requiring cooperate experience of over 24 years (which you know is the most important thing) And yeah @Azor Ahai got worshippers here. He is the 'messiah' of ktalk.:D But hii...
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    Why would I tell them Or need to