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  1. Tom Bayeye

    Apple iphone 11 smartphone 64GB Unlock Sim Free

    Seems legit
  2. Tom Bayeye

    Juicy BBW

    SV,jifunze kuweka picha,ama GB's ni mingi? Hizo roto tank manze:D
  3. Tom Bayeye

    Explicit Hakuna incest Kwa step children

    Hii tagline......
  4. Tom Bayeye

    Cannabis turns straight men g.ay

    Famous tokers. I dont see your point of argument Yours truly also partakes in the devil's lettuce once in a while
  5. Tom Bayeye

    KRA to Unearth Kenya's Secret Billionaires

    It will never happen,hii ni mara ya ngapi wamesema watatoboa. Let people enjoy good things
  6. Tom Bayeye

    Unlocking airtel router

    Still on that can i go about configuring this crap... To this? The safcom has a fiber cable connected to it while linksys is ethernet. SaidiaOo Saidia
  7. Tom Bayeye

    Niko na swali wadau

    Depends on which hospital one works,job group,if its government sahau pesa yako,worse kama uko NSSF,private have a good package depending on the years worked calculated on current basic salo
  8. Tom Bayeye

    'Fun' in your youth

    Boss!!!! Hupendi vagina ama hupendi sex with females? Asking for my neighbour wacha watu waongee,si lazima usome stuff za heterosex:confused:
  9. Tom Bayeye

    See What This Pastor Did In Church That Got People Talking

    Meanwhile Pasta penuel Mnguni ..... Makes the flock eat snakes Rides on folks like donkey Surfs on them. JC waked on H2O,this nigga walks on peeps while slapping the sheet out of your brain pan This one has a personal number to god. He talks to him over GSM. His name is Mboro This is a...
  10. Tom Bayeye

    See What This Pastor Did In Church That Got People Talking

    Umesahau hii circa 1456AD
  11. Tom Bayeye

    Does anyone have an idea of How To Start A Record Label In Kenya.

    NV chungana na kijiji,sphincter yako ishapigwa rada:D
  12. Tom Bayeye

    Beckham kisses dota

    I have two daughters genius.:cool: wewe baba yako alifundishwa kuwalea ama vile atawahandle? I believe not,or is it? Watu wakae lanes zao sio kudictate wengine.kama huna mtoi,fyata kinyoriro. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa
  13. Tom Bayeye

    Weston Hotel vs Ole Sereni.

    It has changed hands over the years like a prostituta
  14. Tom Bayeye


    Well,i cant argue ,sheet cant get stupid-er than that if the main dude of the passionate religion calls for people to kill,fcuk kids and ostracize family members....and kill them sometimes........ for apostacy. If religion was for the richest,none of these messed up things would crop up yeah i...
  15. Tom Bayeye

    Kwaniiiiii, wakenya ndio wamegundua hii word NARCISSIST?

    Nimekumbuka word ingine ..."fuuuuurther mooooore" ,hii word ilitumika time flani niliskia ka kuchapa mtu. Still in use hapa kwa kijiji na mboys wa ocha
  16. Tom Bayeye

    This video should get Trump elected like yesterday

    So will smaller dumping grounds be needed to dump the waste. I would bet my left nut that those fukcers take advantage of occupied land to dump their crap
  17. Tom Bayeye

    You stand warned

  18. Tom Bayeye

    BBI Billions

    Skiza muziki ya sirikal once in a while