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  1. jmoy


    Natafta mhindi msupa nikamue .... coordinates guys
  2. jmoy

    Rent Payer

    You have gone to a woman house with 3 packets of cds, how do you know hii kuku ikona jogoo; 1. You knock on the door she says, 'goja kidogo' and you hear her dashing inside - toroka! Do not enter past that door. 2. She sits far away from you in her house - she is afraid kupatwa na mlipa rent...
  3. jmoy

    Poverty vs sex

    The poorer you are, the more sex with your mwoman. The rich you are, the less sex with your mwoman. Reason poor people give birth to many kids. I was listening to millionaires and billionaires of the world and they all admitted that in their pursuit for money and wealth, that drained their...
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    Part of my life i invested in this woman, she failed me terribly. 2019 i have spend/invested about 25k in kungurus/lanyes ( i know elders here have spend more on them) 2020 onwards am not investing in a woman except on myself and my offsprings Izi vitu hazinaga thanks ni mateke tu ka punda
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    If you are not married listen, hearken to the words of your father my son; DO NOT MARRY A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN - look for a woman with average looks and wife her. Beautiful women are first brainwashed by their beauty. The only thing the bring on the table is beauty and want you to worship it. They...
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    Elder nugu hapa amekuja juzi akatuwekee hii sura pekee akiisifu Alituweke sura pekee....hii ndio mwili akuweka hii ni certified rude abusive kula fare kunguru Tukule atleast vitu za maana elders...mnaniangusha sana!!!
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    Condomize december

    If she has a tatooo...............condomize If she has dreads..................condomize If she has beads...................condomize If she has a wig....................condomize If she has many ornaments.........condomize If she has a ring or rings on her finger.......condomize If she has a...
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    kukamua single mother

    Kuna single mother nataka kukamua nipatiwe way ya kurushia mtama haraka and the do's and don'ts Najua elders wakona experience hii area ya single mothers
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    When you say 'hi', start a convo and she ignores you; Rule No. 1 - Do not send another message no matter what Rule No. 2 - Never send another message again Rule No. 3 - After many days she will hallal back, try to start a convo (she has either hit the wall, broke, depressed, stressed, horny...
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    Kuna watu nataka wasalimiane; @digi @uwesmake @under23 @Panyaste @Mpenda @sperminator @cortedivoire @Maombi hodari @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii for kijiji peace and prosperity (ongezea wenye sijaweka kwa list) And i present to you the plate ... claps claps claps please!!! (bill nitumiwe)
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    Slayqueen kunguru vs boychild BBI

    1. No fare eating and sending fare 2. Twa Twa is Twa Twa as agreed time and place 3. No exposing what two do together 4. No dry frying 5. No emotions or attachments Elders changieni ...
  12. jmoy

    Peter vs Syombua

    People have pushed one side story and cursed condemned peter mostly feminist and their children men. But there comes a time as a man, not only as a man but every human being, you choose liweliwalo, kufa mende punda na mizingo yake. If a person has decided to be the problem, destroy your life...
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    Love yourself

    Lanye morning is in a prado tx and takes selfies posts them social media. From 11pm is with a guy in ruaraka. 4pm is with me. 10 pm she goes for a sleep over eastlands. That's the life of lanyes. A foolish guy dryfries her- this man has given up on life and hates himself. If you love yourself...
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    Situation 1: Stairs za lodging kupatana na mpipi wa beste yangu kwa stairs akitoka na kimwanaume kingine mchana pale CBD na mimi natoka na kunguru Tricky: Kupatana na kajob seeker kakitoka interview lodgo papers kwa mkono na brown envelop nyuma kibuda na kitambi Kusalimiana: Lanye ikiwa...
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    Vijana wazee wakiongea

    Vijana, whatsoever you need to get any woman you see and want in this life is money. Stop chasing skirts and get the Mullah and the skirts will chase you instead and you will have the freedom to choose whomever you want and say no to whoever doesn't meet your standard. Money makes every woman weak
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    Married men

    When your wife gives you a copy of yourself or of @digi, @uwesmake ama @under23 , how do you survive dryspell until she comes back to the game?
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    BJ vs HIV

    Elders i ask; can a man be infected by HIV through unprotected BJ? Ile tv siren ilinipa bj nyama kwa nyama na nikanimeanza kujishuku. Hekaya ya hio section hapa
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    Nimekuwa nikimezea

    There is this lady, classy, a TV siren on prime news i have been dying for. Nilirusha lines zikahit the wall sometimes back. Suddenly after some days she comes with a kaproblem kadogo. She needed 20k fast. Mimi kama billionaire wa kijiji na sitaki kuwaangusha, nikamshow sawa nitakuloan but when...
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    Telegram hookups

    To Elders; are these telegram hookups real or its all a lie? Kama zile ziko huko dark tera, etc. Wenye wakona experience hebu tuchanichanueni
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    I have been wondering why elders are obsessed with lanyes, kungurus and side dishes, and i got answers; 1. The thrill. There is a thrill in driving a new machine. It's like watching a thriller movie. You cannot settle until you get thrilled 2. No feelings. Because you have no feeling for her...