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  1. Ndindu

    Michael Schumacher Still In A Coma Since 2013 Skiing Accident

    Saa zingine hero kwenda
  2. Ndindu

    Current Definition Of Social & Physical Distancing Is WRONG!

    You work in Mombasa and your wife lives in Nairobi = Social Distance You and your bank teller are 1 Metre apart = Physical distance
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    Mwanaume Maskini Kuoa Mke Kutoka Kwa Jamii Tajiri Ni Chazo Cha Migogoro

    I have witnessed this scenario twice. A man from poor background married a girl from rich family. At first things go on smoothly but a few years down the road shida zinaanza. When my buddy used to visit his old folks ushago the born tao kids would not spend the nights kwa cucu wao since there...
  4. Ndindu

    Ancient Africans Were Wiped Out & Went With Their Great Knowledge

    After the construction of the Pyramids Of Giza the aliens initiated a nuclear war in Sodom, Gomorrah, India and the African Sahel and South America's Peru. That generation that had been exposed to Alien technology was wiped out. Who made this runway on top of a mountain in South America...
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    Mawakili Wa Kijiji, Saidieni Hapa

    What will happen in the unlikely event that The National Assembly Is Dissolved? Does the country go to a by election months to a General Election?
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    One Of The Most Important Sites To Convert Formats Online. Images, Audio, Videos, eBooks etc

    I am not advertising but this site is cool.
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    Kenya Will Be A s#ith0le For A Long Time If The Discpline In Rwanda Is Anything to Go By

    There is ONLY ONE difference between Kenya and Rwanda. We all have Laws but In Rwanda people follow the law, In Kenya people don't.
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    HKM gets a whole new meaning

  9. Ndindu

    Don't Be Fooled. Kenya Is Broke

    Madavadi spills the beans.
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    Things Really Change. Remember Nokia 6600, Was a Dangerous Phone To Own in 2003/2004

    This was a flagship phone in 2004. Ilikuwa karibu bei ya a used Probox. Hii ni simu ingehatarisha maisha yako hapa Jijin Nairobi. The Nokia 6600 is a smartphone introduced on June 16, 2003 by Nokia, costing approximately $1000 when released in October 2003. It was Nokia's high-end model of the...
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    Breaking News. Revenue Deal At Last

    Consensus has been reached. More to follow
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    Uko na Type C Cable Or Charger?

    This connector will be so widespread in the next 2 years only comparable to Nokia's pin ndogo of 2005. The consortium for Electrical and Electronics Engineers want to make it standard due to its fast data transfer rate and higher power rating.
  13. Ndindu

    Recall The Senate & Entire GoK: REVOLT, OVERTHROW THIS Gov Of Thieves.

    Some essential services in select counties will not be offered as from today. This include County funded Hospitals, Garbage collection among others. Will collection of revenue from the citizens of those counties be halted too? Its time for a private citizen to file a case aganist the Senate and...
  14. Ndindu

    Degrees Of Doubt Nonsense

    In this life kuna Ujanja aina mbili. Ujanja wa Vitabu na kupita mitihani na Ujanja wa kusurvive (Streetsmart). Most of these graduates have just that silly knowledge of reading and memorizing stuff only for exam purposes which is next to useless in modern Kenya. Ndio maana unaona mtu alikua na...
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    TZ Opens Airspace To Kenyan Planes

    Wameona TZ itasabaratika bila Kenya kuleta biashara bongo. We are the tallest among dwarfs.
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    Give Africa To The Japanese For 40 Years, Let Them Govern You & Convert Africa Into A First World Economy, Because Africans CAN'T.

    I gave up hope for Africa after realizing that Africans were made to live in jungles. The only way to develop Africa is to give up its management to real humans. We think that we hve the wrong constitution but that is just an excuse. Even if we amend it a million times it will never help because...
  17. Ndindu

    Louisville To Pay Breonna Taylor Family Millions

    Finally racist pigs admit guilty.
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    Remember These Former Classmates?

    *1. The guka* They appear older, greying heads and all. They can be mistaken for your paternal uncle or like they were 10 classes ahead. There is shock if you introduce them as former class mates for the crowfeet around their eyes. They have some missing teeth and talk in terms of “Jerry is...
  19. Ndindu

    Lunar Park Might Be Flattened Tonight

    Mnyonge hana haki. KR wants all those structures pulled down. Why can't KAA pull down Weston too? Because there are 2 sets of laws in Sh,ith0le Kenya.