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  1. langatkipro

    Kenya needs an ethnic federalism

    The comments in this post just prove what I have always advocated for. People feel that their tribe being in power represents their interest whatever. Because Kenyans cannot learn to coexist as one the best option is to have ethnic federal states running their one affairs and have rotational...
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    Grand Mullah Amaliza Jayden

  3. langatkipro

    Why I love Kagame.. Haters jitoe

    This citizen video sums it up why the only African leader I value and recognize personally is Kagame. The rest I don't give a damn about them. If we had a Kagame in Kenya with all our bright minds and resources we will be first world in few years time
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    Some people think that in mature democracies elections are won on account of Issues. I will say "olisikia wapi"? Show me any mature democracy where elections have been won on issues. All the elections world wide are won based on pure propaganda and populist ideas. In 2017 Trump campaigned as an...
  5. langatkipro

    Some lead;others follow

    This Hustler vs Dynasties narrative seems to be working and giving goosebumps...(though its just a good campaign propaganda narrative without any iota of truth)
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    Tiktok is here to stay Says Trump Trump agrees to Oracle deal for TikTok in US Ban on downloading popular video app to be delayed as president signs off on agreement with ByteDance TikTok has become entangled in America’s trade battle with China © REUTERS Share on...
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    Deep State vs God, System vs People Hustler vs Dyansties

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    Senate should be made an upper house

    If you have been keenly following Kenyan politics you will realize that Senators mostly make decisions that of major public interest compared to national assembly. Its only place where tyranny of numbers rarely work. I think Senate should be made an upper house and be responsible for vetting...
  9. langatkipro

    Badi has Tried- Nairobi City County should be abolished

    whoever made Nairobi City to be a county was so dump. Its the capital city. It ought to be under the control and governance of National Govt. Eukuru Aukot the guy who chaired the 2010 constitutional committee was such a daft to make Nairobi a county. I have said many times and will say it here...
  10. langatkipro

    Chinese Money

    Where does China get the funds they use to develop all those expressways, dams, electric trains and major infrastructure projects they construct.? Even now they are lending billions of dollars to other countries to develop roads and other infrastructure under the Belt and Road Initiative. Why is...
  11. langatkipro

    Sticking more than brothers... Unbreakable bond?

    USA and Israel
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    Senator Cheruiyot schools IG and DCI

    In mature and civilized societies police summon people when they have violated the law or done anything unlawful but in Kenya we send 200 police to arrest one person. A citizen like Miguna is still barred from accessing his own country he was born in. Africans kweli wako na shida--50 yrs after...
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    Wakikuyu kujeni huku .. Kabogo

    What is Kabogo saying-translate
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    BBI is dead and buried

    I can feel the mood kwa ground kwa watu. Everywhere it's clear whether social media or normal social interaction. If BBI comes to a referendum I can guarantee hapa it will be rejected early in the morning. 2005 referendum push will be a replica hapa. Uhuru will go home ashamed akijaribu kuleta...
  15. langatkipro

    What if Raila loses 2022 elections?

    What if the last bullet refuses to deliver the required shot for Raila.? Will he retire peacefully and hand in the mantle to other leaders in Luo Nyanza or will he still continue playing opposition politics and run again in 2027 or will he do another handshake with the candidate that shall win...
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    Wakikuyu kujeni huku

    help me translate this...
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    Atwoli says he will arrest Ruto

  18. langatkipro

    Police Leaving Oscar Sudi Home-Kenya shithole?

    Just look at the entire police brigade meant to arrest one person
  19. langatkipro

    Jubilee Development-Best Uhuru's project

    If Uhuru can succeed in implementing this and kicking Matatus out of CBD and having BRT buses run the CBD,this will be the best legacy he will leave. I hope and believe he will succeed Badi as a military man might succeed to get rid of those rogue and cartel Matatus out of CBD