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    Explicit I wonder

    Wanaume what goes on in your mind during this horizontal encounter with a species of the opposite gender in a 4feet by 6 feet locked cube?
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    18+ PNC

    I have never experienced PNC like today. At 3pm I decided to visit the massage cum brothel at former salama hotel. I get to the room directed and after the usual pleasantries we go to a corner room with the masseuse/lanye of my choice (they were only 2) did a good massage and after 1 hour we...
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    Explicit I love heights

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    18+ Lily

    It's like Lilian Muli is aging like wine. I have watched her read the 9pm news and am almost deciding to hang abdala for her.
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    Explicit Safisheni mecho properly 2020 edition

    This year we want more than three rounds of eye shampoo given at once.
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    18+ My worst experience 2019

    I have been contemplating on whether I should share this experience or not. I was in Kericho for an assignment in June last year and Kericho being what it is, extremely cold with a dead nightlife and deficient in Lanyes or bedwarmers if you wish, I decided to import a Craiglist lanye from...
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    18+ Nimelipa 3k

    Kama tumesalimiena unisamehe
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    18+ Oil change

    Somebody to update us with new service centers. I need to change my oil before the year gets old and I don't want to go to the regular places, Gill house, Dev towers, Lazarus, Care GH, liddos, Salama hotel, VIP GH, Danika Lodge. We need new places new booty!
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    Explicit Tuko wangapi?

    Hii kuku tumekula wangapi?
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    Explicit OSHA mecho kabla mwaka haujakwisha

    Sabuni na maji
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    Explicit My new year Red meat

    Sitaki laana ya wakubwa, Kama umekula na uko na effidense jitambulishe before Monday. Tuesday makende iko ndani
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    Sukukuu Lux Bathroom soap.

    Tuoshe mecho
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    Ukiskia Dame anataka jamaa amebeba

    Kuna dame nilimkatia way back when I was in The University akaniambia Bora niwe nimebeba. I know understand kubeba ni nini
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    Explicit Bajaj

    Admin saa ya kungurumisha Bajaj imefika? Niko na Tajiri
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    18+ Muhindi anapeana ATM card na PIN polepole

    These women can be the best criminal interrogators. At this position you will recite all your sins and give out all your bank details.
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    Explicit Tukule na chumvi ama avocado?

    Matako wanayo
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    Explicit Early morning Omo

    Cleanse your dirty eyes
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    Explicit The wall is real

    Post wall Kisii woman crying for a mtree holder