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    OIL CAPITULATION: SECOND THREAD (Now trading at $2.3/barrel)

    But the Brent price is still over 20 USD per barrel,it's WTI i.e western Texas intermediate which has problem and which is used in America as opposed to the rest of the world,the problem is lack of storage and future contract settlement which has to be done physically with may contract expiring...
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    SIM card messages

    Just help kuna messages from a sim nahitaji
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    SIM card messages

    Hi technologists Is it possible to recover deleted messages on a SIM card ?
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    Flying squad discovers FAKE cash inside Barclays bank safe QUEENSWAY branch

    This story does make any sense at all First,when one deposit cash in bank account,the value is posted in your account as the bank take ownership of bank notes for normally circulation Hence you can deposit in kibera and withdraw from kisumu,will you demand to be given the same bank notes in...
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    Interesting angle on KQ debacle

    Mcksey Why do people or companies hire this people with obvious outcome cost cutting by reducing employees,have they ever given any other recommendations
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    Hi guys Do we have a good place in kapsoit in terms of accommodation,Niko na mboga
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    Senator Kang'ata

    We have Irungu Nyakera for governor in Muranga
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    Debit or credit cards transactions outside kenya suspended in NIC Could it be an issue of funding their nostrols or what
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    Are some churches laundering money?

    The Mormon church and catholic has been there for centuries hence accumulation of assets over the time,this Roysambu church is not more than 15 years old