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    Nani anajua huyu?
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    I've learned alot from this site, so I'll share my findings... (once you've been diagnosed with the coRONA..) What you need, -VICKS vapour rub (with EUCALYPTUS) -Tonic water with quinine -Lemons. -Honey. Directions - -add a little vicks to hot water and steam 3 times a day. -take 500ml...
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    Trying to find information about her.

    This is not tumekula wangapi thread, but feel free. Want to find out what kind of person she is..
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    Magufuli atamaliza kenya

    Kenya’s chance of extending the SGR to other countries in Eastern and Central Africa was dealt a major blow, after Tanzania’s President John Pombe Magufuli reached out to leaders from other countries in the region, for a deal to extend his country's SGR to their nations. According to a report...
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    Kunukisha onions

    So, kuna hii koroga festival... Hapa bomas... The place is packed, and it got me curious, how much these kenyans mint from these revelers... Tickets = ksh. 2,500. It's got roughly 6000 people since the sitting capacity is 3000. Therefore 6000 pips X ksh.2500 = ksh. 15,000,000. Toa expenses -...
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    Old 1000 bob notes..

    Niko pale Eastleigh kwa the restaurant's lavatory .. Then i over heard some walalo asking on the phone if the old ksh. 1000 notes can be swapped for new ones... Apparently his friend has 7 million in the house... He had traveled... And on returning.. Amepata mambo yamebadilika... That got...
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    BUDGET. - KSH. 5000 TO KSH. 15,000. AREA - Btn 100sqm and 200sqm I am looking for a storage space / go down / a secure facility that can be used for storage within:- - IT CAN BE A SHARED SPACE. - INDUSTRIAL AREA. - MOMBASA ROAD. (btn mlolongo and uhuru high way) - OUTERING ROAD.
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    Propper way to slow down...
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    Kuna mteja kutoka pwani hataki niishi kwa amani.. And now he is suing. Here is what happened ; Mteja anataka nyumba ipakwe rangi... Mimi nami nika chukua hio contract.... Then i directed the client where (which store) to buy the paint from... Mteja aka nunua rangi ikapekekwa site kule pwani...
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    Fuel smuggling to start very soon.

    Even Water and sewage exhauster trucks will soon convert and start smuggling fuel from neighboring countries...
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    Confessions of an economic hitman. FOR MORE VIDEOS. of an economic hitmanMORE VIDEOS
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    Retired President Daniel Moi and wife Lena Moi with children Jennifer and Jonathan.
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    From these rants, you can clearly tell whom the importer of the said sugar is..

    One body is trying to push the other out... I suspect the two rivals..(the Somali vs Mr. H...- Import sugar from the same source... but one wants to completely dominate...
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    So, i am travelling to Bunduz... And nikiwa hapo kwa booking office i can't help overhear a convo between two ladies..., So one of the ladies is on phone with what sounds like a lawyer... Trying to seek legal help on what his brother should do concerning MONEY that was transferred to one of his...
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    Ktalk birrionairs tayarisheni lube

    KRA CHARGES 2 traders, Kevalkumar Maisura and Arti Bakrania, in Nairobi over Sh7bn tax fraud; probing 66 others and over 2,000 beneficiaries.
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    My homeboy Mx2...

    Is selling nudes...tough times...amekua exposed pale kwa captain frisk..
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    Once elected, do you.....

    ...... start looking for ways to steal or do you come up strategies to help the people who elected you in office.... I think, especially new comers have very good intentions... Lakini ukifika kwa office, you find cartels and other junior staff who've been in office through regimes and know all...
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    Situation at the SGR

    Time i started queuing : 5.30am. Situation at the SGR. Tickets get bought out in 10min. As one boda boda guy buys 700 tickets yet the train capacity is 1200 seats... They are bieng sold for ksh. 1500 in muthurwa market... So someone will make (700 x 800 =ksh. 560,000) On a daily basis.. In a...
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    Is this legit?

    magufools has put his foot down, na hataki ujinga..