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    Things are tough bana. Lets hope watalipa hata kama ni pole pole
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    18+ Most brothels closed now

    Hapa inaitwa ebrufication 101
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    Akina Tala na Branch gave discounts of around 25%. Then they no longer offer loans to people. That means something.
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    TV guard

    Thanks. Very insightful
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    TV guard

    Do you use these normal tv/fridge guards or other sophisticated ones ?
  6. Energizer

    TV guard

    I have one already. I have been using it for almost 3 years. The other day my H/T refused to power on. Took it to a technician and he repaired. I just thought it wise to buy a tv guard to protect it.
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    TV guard

    Yes to what exactly sir ? Niweke tv guard kwa socket i.protect vituu kadhaa au tv guard kwa extension i.protect kitu moja ?
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    TV guard

    Wadau, saidieni hapa. I have not been using a tv guard. So my H/T juzi ime kuwa affected na stima juu ya power fluctuations. Fundi akai fufua. So I have bought a tv guard. Swali ni, can I plug in the tv guard kwa socket kwa ukuta, then I plug an extension kwa tv guard. I presume this will guard...
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    Wakenya Huchezewa Shere Sana: Convicted Grace Wakhungu raises excess of KSh 800M to pay KSh 707.7M court fine

    :D:D:D:D Wanataka watumie hizo pesa za corruption bila kuchunguzwa ??
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    Android 10 is shit

    I think it might be having an issue. My phone started restarting a few weeks ago then freezes on the samsung logo. It has so far done this thrice. My phone is less than 1.5 years.
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    Alpha males tutunze mwili

    I like most MGTOW & Redpill ideas. What I fail to understand is why still pedestalize sex at age 70 sijui 90 +.
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    18+ Siwezimind

    Rexxumbwa should attend your classes.
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    My Customer User Interface(CUI) gone blank.

    I dont think there is any. I had a similar problem and the only option was to wait for a new device from KPLC.
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    My Customer User Interface(CUI) gone blank.

    Hiyo ime chapa. Liase with Kplc wakupee nyingine.
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    18+ Kubwa Kubwa 5

    Huyo wa tatu yuko hadi na stamp.
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    uchumi ni mbaya

    Is this Std Chartered ? Kuna time kitambo I sought to get financing with them wakaringa. Juzi wamenitumia a similar message nika soma nikiwaonyesha middle finger.
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    Women hate condoms

    Alafu unasema kufa dereva kufa makanga. Then PNC hits you like a truck full of cement.
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    Married woman asking me questions

    sawa sawa Mr. eyes....
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    Married woman asking me questions

    Boss, mke wa mtu sumu. Hata kama bwanake yuko containment Nairobi au Msa, chorea. Hatutaki kusikia hekaya ya mtu alifungwa makende na sisal rope ukavutwa sakafuni.
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    Hindentify this talker