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    18+ Siwezimind hii gari

    Not bird.
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    2019 Bentley Bentayga at Ksh 4m

    Buy it... Put a toyo engine nd transmission... Or. An electric motor pale kitengela... Electrics can be modified...
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    TBT:nishawai tomba poko Mnyanye pale 3Eden..Cc:TommyLee Sparta

    Hii ni poa kwa wale huitisha 10k ama 20k.
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    Looters shoot black cop

    How do these people talk... Ov sam tivi cuz.... Ov sam tivi cuz... Anyways... Guys who've shot him are idiots... But i think.. This big guy should have let them have it...
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    CBD Getting A face Lift-Pedestrian Walk Ways expansion

    People are still doing it... 100bob for a whole day... What they should do.. Is build a mega parking storey that can accommodate 1000 plus vehicles... Like 3 in different locations in the city...
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    The Soros Army burns down America

    It's like migingo Island.. No?
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    18+ Greedy Lanye

    Kuna siku another kunguru asked for 5k..yet ameficha sura.. But bidy iko sawa.. I tried several times to ask her to send me her pics akasema she doesn't do that... Kama sitaki niwache... So i asked for a meet hapo town kimathi street... Alipo fika..she texted her description... Nika mwona...
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    Live feeds of Nation wide protests

    Twedi twedi
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    Advice Needed

    Wapi picha ya biutiful gal
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    English please
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    who has part 2 of this hekaya

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    Another black man killed by racist cops. Everything captured on video

    Huku hakuna snippers.... You just take out the killer cop.. Ama kata his limbs... Akuwe kiwete for life..
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    Bcs ni nini?
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    Wanaume wamekaliwa chapati

    You are born... You live under your parents/moms authority till 18yrs... Then get married... And you are back under your wife's care till death... I am sure life isn't meant to be this way.
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    Corona Virus lessons it taught me.

    Homa ya baridi
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    How many catalayas do you have?
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    Finally, expect the lockdown to end soon

    Campaign money...
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    economic recovery

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    Explicit Ruth 7

    Unless someone is using her pics... She asked me for 3k.