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  1. Jenerol papa

    18+ Hekaya ni kesho

    Elders, as they say; real men make decisions and live with the consequences. Tegeeni hekaya kesho!
  2. Jenerol papa

    Any experience?

    Hi wadau, any similar experience? Nilitomba my female boss who is 25 yrs older than I. Sasa naskia uchungu mwili wote hadi joints - something that has never happened to me before! Alafu rubber ya mjulubeng yangu pia imekua too sensitive. It is now three days since nimfuck - nilimchapa 3rounds...
  3. Jenerol papa

    Kenya Kane Whisky

    If you've never taken Kenya Kane whisky, then you aren't qualified to sit at the table of men!!
  4. Jenerol papa

    Today's ktalk verse

    7 O my son! covet not outward beauty, for it wanes and passes away, but an honourable remembrance lasts for aye. 8 O my son! let not a silly woman deceive thee with her speech, lest thou die the most miserable of deaths, and she entangle thee in the net till thou art ensnared. 9 O my son...
  5. Jenerol papa


    Josephine, I am Josephine from Nairobi. My current age is 41 and I work as a Corporate Communication Manager. I am a single mother of one, my boyfriend gave me a child and disappeared after he discovered I am getting successful. Currently, I am with another man whom I have dated for 6 months...
  6. Jenerol papa

    Elders, Aneje commits suicide over a woman!!

    ANEJE COMMITS SUICIDE BECAUSE OF A WOMAN!! A 54-year-old man from Lunyinya Village in Malava Constituency, Kakamega County, has committed suicide. Saul Anenje, ended his life after his estranged wife declined to meet him despite sending her bus-fare on three separate occasions. The body of...
  7. Jenerol papa

    Wana kijiji, tuingieni kanisa kidogo!!

    EVIL ARE WOMEN; AVOID!! (Reuben 2:9) For ye heard regarding Joseph how he guarded himself from a woman, and purged his thoughts from all fornication, and found favour in the sight of God and men. 10 For the Egyptian woman did many things unto him, and summoned magicians, and offered him love...
  8. Jenerol papa


    My name is Jude from Kerugoya.My husband started dating me immediately I completed high school, my eyes were not open by then. He was my first boyfriend. When I was in college, he always gave me company and protected me from other men. I wasn’t given time to explore.I finished school and got a...
  9. Jenerol papa

    Good move Sam Shollei!!!!

    ‪Former Standard Media CEO Sam Shollei finally marries Faith Ronoh ( 30 yrs younger than him). Faith worked at the Standard as a Corporate Affairs Officer. Faith is the lady who made Sam to feel sweetness of heaven when Gladys was not around. Glady Boss felt bitter after Shollei came home...
  10. Jenerol papa

    Wanakijiji mnaliliwa hapa tena!!!

    Betty I am confused. My name is Betty, 34-years-old. I currently live in Nairobi. I have tried to hide this feeling without success. When I was in college, dating was fun, I used to change men like clothes. But immediately I got a job in Nairobi, the number of men hitting on me dropped...
  11. Jenerol papa

    Quite tempting

    Let's say umekaa hapo mbele yake na ni strangers
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    A family in Nyeri County was on Wednesday left out in shock after new daughter-in-law dumbed their son andwent back to ex-boyfriend. Mary Muthoni, 29 reportedly left her new husband 2 days after their wedding and eloped with her boyfriend alleged to be from Kisii County. According the Man’s...
  13. Jenerol papa

    Listen to this nonsense!

    Please, Advise Her Dear, I don't even know how to start, I've been dating my brother I mean my own blood brother for 10years now, it's all started when our parents were away for a trip in the states 10years ago I was 16 then and my brother was 18, one eveningI was bathing when I forgot my towel...
  14. Jenerol papa

    Sowing seeds!

    Your wives are a place for sowing seeds for you, so come to your place of cultivation however you wish and put forth (righteousness) for yourselves. (Quran-Chpt 2:223).
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    Accusations a woman labelled against ktalk are as follows; 1)Ktalk is a movement that promote violence against women. 2)Ktalk see women only as sex objects and nothing more. 3)That majority of ktalk members fear responsibility and therefore have no stable relationships. 4)That once a man joins...
  16. Jenerol papa

    Explicit Slut face baggages

    *Sociological research shows that marrying women with a robust sexual history increase the likelihood of a failed marriage. *Genetic research adds more evidence that such women will give birth to children that are not of the fathers. *That's why a woman's vaginal purity was cherished above all...