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  1. Makamuzi

    BREAKING: Apparently it is very legal for a Minneapolis cop to kneel on a suspect's neck.

    Obama is the epitome of a house negro, and he failed the black community. He penned his thoughts on the current demonstrations and you can clearly see how he thinks about black people. His only reference to a 'black' person happens once, when talking about a woman whose grocery store was...
  2. Makamuzi

    BREAKING: Apparently it is very legal for a Minneapolis cop to kneel on a suspect's neck.

    You have clearly articulated pahali shida iko. The best black legal minds badala wasaidie their communities, they specialize in copyright laws to make money from Hollywood or become house negros kama the Obamas who wasted an entire Presidency advocating for LGBTQs issues. In the end, the...
  3. Makamuzi

    What is Ethiopia up to?

    Our biggest problem as Kenyans is the tenderpreneurs. When we suck up to our neighbors, it extends the time for them to continue stealing and enjoy some level of comfort (the usual things like going for lunch in Naivaisha, owning an apartment in Kilimani to entertain women, a road trip here and...
  4. Makamuzi

    Biden Apologizes for Saying Black Voters ‘Ain’t Black’ if They’re Considering Trump

    In Biden's mind, bado black Americans wako kwa cotton plantation :D.
  5. Makamuzi

    Kimeumana... Kenya na Tanzania

    Sweden is doing badly compared to other countries that had lockdowns (higher CFR per population). Secondly, Sweden's choice of approach was necessitated by a lack of a legal mechanism that grants the government power to institute lockdowns as a result of pandemics. They just managed to pass a...
  6. Makamuzi

    Every kenyan leader is selfish:The story of Dr. Ouma Oluga the sell-out

    The study of medicine (and associated health sciences) in Kenya, is mainly a function of rote learning. As longs as you are disciplined enough to study the course materials, attend ward rounds (clinical years), and remain humble during oral exams (soothes examiners ego) you can qualify to be a...
  7. Makamuzi

    Isaac Ruto Recycling

    Ruto will be the first one to remind Keter asijaribu... There is a reason why Kenya never pulled out of the ICC.
  8. Makamuzi

    33 years and not married.

    Wacha hii ujinga ya victim shaming
  9. Makamuzi

    Explicit Somali Kunguru wife kills my friend

    This is an easier route. But on this issue, the state should act on behalf of the victim, in the strict sense of criminal law. But again, this is Kenya...
  10. Makamuzi

    Explicit Somali Kunguru wife kills my friend

    They clearly shouldn't hire you as their defense counsel. Going by your argument, I'd charge them for murder as you clearly indicate that they meet the threshold of 'unlawful killing with malice aforethought.' Everything you have presented as a defense is an indication of their plan to commit...
  11. Makamuzi

    Explicit Somali Kunguru wife kills my friend

    Let us start with the basic formula for criminal liability which is = The prohibited act (acts reus) + The mental state (mens rea) - defenses Was the prohibited act of unlawful killing carried out? Yes. Can we call it murder? Probably yes, but it will be hard to prove this in court. The accused...
  12. Makamuzi

    Explicit Somali Kunguru wife kills my friend

    They can be charged for manslaughter.
  13. Makamuzi

    Brookhouse Birrionares Given an Ultimatum

    This reminds me of Jay-Z's song inspired by the O.J. story. The Brook House owner is doing his part in reminding those Kenyans what Jay-Z said "Rich nigga, poor nigga... Still nigga."
  14. Makamuzi

    A woman says Biden assaulted her in 1993. Now #TimesUpBiden is trending.

    The Democrat's mantra has been 'you should believe all women' who report sexual assault. So pia hii watu waamini tu bila kutafuta alternative evidence.
  15. Makamuzi

    Wow! Do black men hate black women this much?

    Go ahead and make my day! I don't do nursery level matusi and especially not with someone who has exhibited signs of having arrested adolescence. If you had a functional brain and average IQ you would know that threatening strangers online is only going to get you worked up, kill a few brain...
  16. Makamuzi

    Wow! Do black men hate black women this much?

    Recently you were advocating for black women to look for white men because black men are crap. On that day we established that you could be many things, but intelligent is not one of them. Try to maintain a consistent narrative, it masks many shortcomings. You can refresh your memory here.
  17. Makamuzi

    Man drops dead in Donholm

    All other causes of death (including fatal diseases) that you have known for your entire life have not ceased to exist due to the coronavirus pandemic. Tuache hii ignorance.
  18. Makamuzi

    The Documentaries

    This is part 1 of 4 captivating documentaries that trace the history of the slave trade beyond the human rights issue. It focuses on the economics that shaped the trade and the role of African leaders in perpetuating it
  19. Makamuzi

    In his free time, Walibora loved exposing his genitals to ladies in public

    I thought by now ile kitu ya MeToo should have taught you that this is common in the West and it is primarily a move meant kukata wanaume miguu