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    Tallying Super Thread Part 2

    Kioni has some solid points tho interview iko Sawa when you put emotions aside
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    What Does Zimbabwe New 100% Gold Currency Mean for the Future of Africa

    I think this is a good move & I would want to own one very fast ....
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    Toilet Business. Ni Kubaya Wadau

    But si this business is only for the government....
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    Married men, Do you trust you wife?

    Wapi link mdau
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    BCLB licence number

    Enda Kwa site Yao....udownload the forms
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    Mobile loan app

    If it's a Chinese backed app ( most likely) contacts zisha somwa ... SMS reminders utapata....and calls will start next But wataanza kucall the 2nd contact you put during registration.... Ukikosa kupick...waingie Kwa contacts umesave as mum,dad, wife etc You can uninstall the app
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    Sakaja Uganda Degree nullified

    Jamaa hakumaliza....hakuna at beste yake wa "Campo" ametokea kuside with him
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    Operational costs and returns in running Milk ATM enterprise in Kenya

    This is a business I would like to try some day.....what are the hurdles APA? And ROI yake iko vipi?
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    Ksh. 10m. How to utilize it to secure my future

    Ukirusha ngapi mkuu
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    My online work as of 2022

    How exactly are they doing it using GPT-3 Ai ?? Am currently studying this stuff btw
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    Long Rains In April: Take Advantage And Grow The Golden Fruit, Hass Avocado

    How long do they take to grow?
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    girls with PhD's

    Tukiwa Campo I used to date a bright chiq doing a microbiology degree... Of course alishine akapata first class....and got a scholarship....which was ok.... I think going abroad to do a master's iko na Ka pride kiasi coz the chiq went ... Akachapa coursework....akarudi .... And how she treated...
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    girls with PhD's

    Kwanza wale wamesomea abroad.....bure kabisaa
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    Edgar Obare mints a cool 10m in a week

    Hesabu umekuchenga bro..... Guys are paying annually....