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Are you stuck anywhere on the internet? Do you want to use iCitizen, iTax or any other government portal but you don't know how to go about it? Are you struggling to make money on the internet? Think about all these: and you'll certainly think about us!

The Guide Kenya is a cybercafe in your hands! You just log onto the website, and we'll help you solve all your KRA, iTax, iCitizen, Passport, Huduma Namba, etc. needs in just a few minutes.

Our customer services are some of the best you can find. Talk to us on Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp- wherever you want! Our goal is to keep you hothed with quality cyber services.

But we are not interested in your money- we help you grow it! If you are looking for ways to become a freelancer in Kenya, then you better start talking to us about it! We often bring you exclusive guides and lessons on how you can make your first million on the internet!

In the same spirit, we're going to help you build an empire by getting the right digital marketing strategy. We'll create a website and rich social profile for you at an amazingly cheap price. We'll connect you to influencers in your niche so that you can increase your sales! We're also available for offering SEO services.

And yes- any time you are thinking about where to get quality content, always be sure to hire one of our experienced professional writers to fuel your site with great content.

We're waiting for you on the other end!





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