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    Hii imenibamba, wajinga continue paying millions

    You must think about all possibilities, accident included. Thats why we have insurance
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    wangapi hapa

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    18+ Warning, kama umekula hii kunguru, anza maombi

    Fatboy too slow to hunt with all the abundance at his disposal. Kuleni zoezi majamaa
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    18+ Rasta na daughter ya billionaire. Dosage of good dickage can do wonders

    Heroin ain't expensive for Tecra's kind.. A dose of stepped on H retails at 300/
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    Kufungulia Bibi Wines & Spirits

    Walevi hawana adabu. Watakudinyia bila convictions. So anything personal, ni business, na wife yako ni commodity
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    Never help beggars

    wanadamu hawana shukran. I bought my hand a half piece. He's worked for me for fifteeN years; getting milk, land to develop and endless supply of firewood. Dude got too comfortable and thought we were equal. On letting him go, he had guts to demand for 300k pension. I was calm. I told him i'd...
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    Feed lot beef farming & fattening

    I am doing the same. Hizo beefcattle underweight zinaitwa 'okoa'... For those ones just buy, zero graze them on good feed to fatten for 3 to 5 weeks or even less. But don't expect them to pass all tests especially organ tests...To dispose easy, dont add too high profit margins Open a butchery if...
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    Church girls

    Females ni wale wale kabisa. Dikmatize them proper and see them submit to your raw power That nigga was the most powerful man in Bolivia at that moment.
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    Kula n Buda umesoma Hiyo kitabu ukaichambua. Hiyo term 'kula njugu peupe yamaanisha nn?
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    Explicit Kama umekula hii, leta reviews

    Hii ndo nambari kabisa Umeisample??
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    Pic ya kwanza hadi mango Iko na curves
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    Hiyo ngozi ya sura hapana
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    Explicit Maleydini Tavern

    So many wrongs in these photos
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    Enda section ya browse and text as many as possible. Hapo ni numbers game, guaranteed utapata significant responses. Halafu bado pale kwa Ku swipe swipe as many as possible