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    smoking zone kanairo

    Picha? Evidence?
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    wacha kiherehere! You are soo insignificant

    Little knowledge is truly dangerous! A theory is a well-substantiated explanation of an aspect of the natural world that can incorporate laws, hypotheses and facts. ... A theory not only explains known facts; it also allows scientists to make predictions of what they should observe if a theory...
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    wacha kiherehere! You are soo insignificant

    We are significant, Brathee! Dad and son live light-years out there somewhere, they made the universe and everything in the universe for us and with us in their collective mind and when time will finally be up for us to go home, we will travel those lightyear distances at the twinkling-of-an-eye...
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    China nuclear plant leak.

    The kind of news that make @patco "come"!!!
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    Nokia 2.4 Vs Samsung A11 Pros & Cons

    Buyers na watumizi wa hizi Nokia mpya mpya wanalalamika sana lagging and laziness. Battery life is also a major issue. Entry level phones ni better unajibamba na akina Infinix. But ikiwa unataka majina makubwa makubwa, hata heri hio Samsung ikiwa hujui Naomi!
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    How to deal with Chinese

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    Worldwide online criminals crackdown - nani amewahiwa kutoka hapa kijijini?

    Oh, well! Kwa hivyo wewe unajua firsthand what it means kuwa mindful of one's online privacy!
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    Worldwide online criminals crackdown - nani amewahiwa kutoka hapa kijijini?

    BBC News: Hundreds arrested as FBI app lures criminals - BBC News.
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    Somali engineering

    Somalia was once a colony of Italia. Italy is the country of Fiat, Viberti... and the Leaning Tower of "Pizza".
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    From reviews, like I have said, huwa inahang especially when typing. It is a newly released and a costly phone by its standards to have issues so early in the days.
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    Buy Telkom kaduda smart. Dual sim,, hotspot supporting 8 connections, KSh3100 only and some yummy free data daily for a month!
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    Bad phone, at least from reviews. Chukua Poco X3 NFC. It is even cheaper than the oppo.
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    Italy gave the world ...


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