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    18+ I wish I knew.

    Same bro i disrespected myself and women have no mercy this creatures don't apologise n like walking on high pedestal at ur own cost
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    Kihiu apan tambua kiwete

    Harsh too harsh.a gentleman is compusure.ni poa kuact sober saa zingine au nyamaza tu.
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    Very Disappointed

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    Corona Chronicles:Sudden Exits due to financial distress

    Sasa advice gani hapa na kila kitu iko in plain white with failed business the man will even have challenges meeting dowry expenses yet support another person. Jamaa hataki kukudissapoint what's up with u:confused:
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    @panyaste kuja uone

    When your carrying the whole world in your shoulder
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    Msito Kanyari

    Last pic natambua
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    mandevu kamefungwa

    I disagree even those in power have shown fear by not allowing him in the country.Ask putin after Gadaffi died he confessed fearing revolution.Even the might USSR fell. It takes a spark but there is sense in his words.come at his neck when he utters nonezenze
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    Explicit @T.Vercetti !

    Men men ..warr is thiz nonzenze. .. settle things vyema time n venue .tuone how many cold Guinness ntamaliza b4 u behave..upus be civilized
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    18+ Enyewe women have it easy

    Paka mzee hapa bora maziwa yamo...vijana wadigitali wafanye vyao cha muhimu ni kula malia kulipia si hakikisho ni yako
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    Tall Gyal

    Mali African kamili.....@starScream Mali african safi kamili....unachezanga na waarabu?..
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    Hii kitu mzee... script ya highschoolers
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    Time to Nest Mboys

    Lakini uko na point...a bit late though
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    Why women should not have sex with people they're not married to

    Hzi ni zile confession with kadogo