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    18+ Post-coital tristesse

    If she’s not your wife/gf, either you paid or you made promises to get get it. If you paid, business is closed-your rent money is gone. If you got it by promises, now you have to think about how you will fulfill them. Where you stretched truths or lied . It’s like the end of a night spent...
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    Kenyan family in Germany suffer bcz of racist cops

    Was once a victim of such a thing. A horrible neighbor. One of the worst experiences in my life.
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    18+ Post-coital tristesse

    @T.Vercetti with the right candidate woman can burst.
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    Lionel Richie 71 amechukua kifaranga ya 30 years.

    His kids should watch out. His will, will be changed. We can sniff a business move by the 30 year old from a mile.
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    Sea Food Superfans

    No cooking display here. I thought they would be cooking lobsters here.
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    Building progress day 17

    He was using someone’s FB pics. The mjengo semi-finished house did not match the construction pics.
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    Love behind bars

    Is it recreated?
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    Hii ndio real dynasty-The Wallenberg family

    Wewe ni wale mnaendesha Audi A6 mzee with parts from the junkyard. Windows don’t roll up. Drivers seat stuck angled in one position. Engine Check light permanently on. Fuel gage stuck on E. 4 different tire manufacturers. Heater don’t work. Liability coverage month to month. Just so...
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    Explicit Thindigwa

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    To Kenyan women who love Nigerians LISTEN

    This business of believing in witchcraft is so yesterday.
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    Ugandan lady who was dumped by Kenyan boyfriend helped by Kenyans

    These women don’t seem very innocent.
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    Conned in the name of love

    Mtumie sadaka.
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    Love behind bars

    A movie?
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    Kisum siti on the rise. Njaruo on the rise. Clean city.

    Or fall to ksh 5.
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    Goldenscape, Banda Homes, Ekeza et al

    There was no deadline on the contracts. At least that’s what I gather. Thats why you can’t beat him in court.