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    Empathy should be faked to make 'em wet. Otherwise, you must be an opaque beast,.

    Eish, this is a novel! What are you simply saying?
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    WTF ? Check out this Police Stop, Who Won?

    Ati Ndereva:cool::D:D:D:D
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    Side hustle

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    Hey guys, am looking for BADMINTON rackets all over Nairobi, including Nairobi Sports House and am almost now giving up. Any one who sells or knows a place they sell pliz help me. I need a complete set, and must be precisely the YONEX brand.
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    Shida na VLC Mimmicking files

    Yees, this is the right remedy.
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    data recovery

    Oh my God, that was so savage:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    UCL betting

    NDIO HII SURE BET Galatasaray 1X Barcelona Over 2.5 Atletico X2 Napoli win
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    I will give it a try nkifika home. Bt am not sure if my decoder has an USB port
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    I want to learn how to drive fast

    Go watch Fast & Furious at Sn1-8 and you will be good
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    Dennis Okari Ni Mtiaji

    Ziko wapi izo ma nudes
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    2 GB memory cards

    Izo mem cards unadai kufanyia nni ama unaeka kwa mulika mwizi
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    Nigerian man told by God that there is going to be civil unrest in Kenya for 8 years

    Not only in Kasarani, many have been deported back in Nigeria from SA and even UK for drug trafficking
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    2 GB memory cards

    Like for instance, why do you need a external Mem card when the phones nowadays come with 16GB+ internal memory?
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    Free VPN

    Does it offer you free data?
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    Mchinku anapanda China Express Leo Leo!

    Aiiii, ni urimuuu. Uyu tunafaa tushikiwe tumgonge teke moja ya makagari. And as at now he hasn't yet left. His documents are still under processing according to Immigration officers