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    Is Safaricom stealing ideas from SME?

    Shida ni hakuna legislation ya kuprotect business products or strategies. Copyright ni ya artistic expression, patents and utility models are mostly for inventions. Lakini there's nothing for business. And to make things worse, there's a huge difference between idea and execution. Bila budget if...
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    Elon is buying Bitcoin using Teslas
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    Which SACCOs can a young man join?

    Ethereum is a better bet. It's less volatile and follows BTC trends so you'll know when to sell/buy more. Crypto gives gains at a much higher rate than any other speculative asset
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    Do Females Look at Dudes And Say, "Huyu Lazima Atanikula?"

    What an interesting way to reveal haujawahi katiwa na peng ting
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    Worst sex in my life with the most beautiful woman.

    Nah, some women are just bad in bed.
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    Worst sex in my life with the most beautiful woman.

    True on the importance of lube. But imo, coconut oil is much better. It's natural so doesn't have any side effects or cause irritation, it heats faster so creates a warming sensation which is very pleasurable and the taste isn't bad so mnaweza kula starehe vizuri.
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    Dividends discounting

    The only time the govt outright says it's defaulting on loans is when it's on its way to being a failed state.
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    Pricing a website

    That site is built on Wordpress, uses Polo Theme. The theme is on themeforest at $50. Weka domain and hosting at 5k. Most hosts will throw in free SSL. As for the rest, its up to your labour costs for content and dealing with client. Minimum I'd charge is 40k but depending on kama ni client...
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    18+ Deep West

    If you think WYSWYG then you are the proverbial fool
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    How Stupid Do You Have To Be

    Individual intelligence doesn't discount the idiocy of the group. If he's really smart, he might make it and that doesn't meant the others will.
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    How Stupid Do You Have To Be

    Give them 2 years and they'll be gone with the wind
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    Explicit New massage parlor

    Ni kama analimwa viserious!
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    When I went there the dam had a strong smell of sewage and stagnant water.
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    Nice place but the smell is horrible
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    To eat in Nairobi or Mombasa...

    Wewe ni fala na huna mtu wa kukuambia