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    Official leather shoes shops

    House of leather for budget shoes go for those worth 8K and above. Than more importantly learn how to polish and maintain leather. Then get some shoe stays.. wooden ones will cost up to 10K but on Amazon you can get a set of plastic ones for 2k. Also invest in a good leather conditioner, cream...
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    Jesso Kristo! Tutafika huku mwaka gani?

    Germans are about engineering not looks. But geysm yenye iko kenya haiwezi kubali manly designs. Watu wanataka beautiful tings. Sadness of life.
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    Kweli serikali inaweza zima mtu

    True until you hear just like Jaguar or Mugenda they are appointed kwa some board as members or chairpersons
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    Soft na tamuu sana

    Hi Ms. Truman
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    Carrier aggregation and why you shouldn't buy cheap xiaomis

    Carrier aggregation is a fantastic implementation of a concept. It gets your phone to connect to multiple bands at the same time to increase Internet speeds. For example a galaxy s20 phone can connect and merge bands, 3 band 5 and band 20 from safaricom so you that you get fast Internet. A...
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    Ghasia Takataka Man_utd

    Kwani nyinyi youngin mnakuwanga aje? That result is even unfair 4 villa. Yunited was hanging by a thread throughout could easily be 4-0. That result flatters ManU tbh.
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    Naivasha kuko vipi manki
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    The snake is being killed by ManUtd

    This game is aston villas to lose... if jack grealish was on this team ingekuwa 4
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    Okay, so why should The Nyamgodho woud Ombare respond to this poll?
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    Alternatives to quickbooks

    Shetani huku watu hawaclick hizi links. Aku = Evil = Shetani
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    Alternatives to quickbooks

    Kubaliana na SAAS ukamuliwe pole pole. Sisi tuko on office 365 and we are individuals na wewe ni biashara kubwa. Kubali ukamuliwe. Alternatives will have a steep learning curve
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    Cheapest 4g Internet, currently...

    Governments should force these scumbags to respect people's privacy. They should send customers only reasonably important messages. For offers and promotions safcom should device a way of allowing customers to opt in. If not, at least give us a way to opt out for those who feel exasperated...
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    Safcon Employees

    Good move. Didn't cost you much .. Just a few minutes of your time. And this should be a lesson for most of us. No one will excuse you for not carrying out due diligence. As always Caveat emptor baby!
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    Budget ya 15k phone

    I know I put a post previously why phones should cost 30K at the very least. I know I got insulted here. But my advise is that you save up. I know you will dismiss my counsel.. but it won't be the first time I got insulted but someone who came later on to thank me for my advice. If you want a...
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    I can't redeem my playstation plus code

    Have you tried contacting support?