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    Wacheni Mungu aitwe Mungu. Ugali man blessings continue

    There is a catch, just the other day Uhuru wa umoja was on the interwebs wailing the way guys took advantage of his azz, and all those things handed to him dint even belong to him. before he knows it he will be back in the gutter. guys want to take advantage of his shine. remember githeri man...
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    20K Imeenda Hivyo

    Yep that guy is a moron. Lo and behold,kuna siku hio kijana yake itajifanya roho juu kama simba iingishe hio gari highway.
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    Horrendous side effects of ORAL SEX

    Mimi siwes lamba p*ssy heri hata nilambe chura.
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    Ni Kama Anatumia Steriod

    Looks edited, the tone of skin on his face and neck are very opposite.
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    Eating random chiqs

    Female ana sura inakaa ya horse, enyewe wanaume mnapenda maku zaidi.
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    Police boss forms special squad to deal with akina Johntez addi Gaza msafi

    Hizo kunguni ziwe tayari kupokea chanjo courtesy of the gaament
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    Explicit Booker T finally settles down

    Inakaa umeanza kuwatch mnopo juzi.
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    Elon was tweeting last night about a breakup with a guy looking at a screen with a chart showing a drop. The bastard still wants to drop btc price lower be very weary to trade at this time.
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    Diarrhea after drinking muratina

    Kuna dawa that saved my life when i was ambushed by violent diarrhea on route to shags after eating in naivasha, hio nyama in that town must be game road kill.. I think its called Imodium or something... plust some antibacterials i got over the counter it cost me about 900. ou better take them...
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    Mblo Wa Machaa wa Hekaya

    Hio exhaust will take you to the moon and stars. Lakini watu wa nduthi wameanza upuzi kama matatu. Such a contraption can only produce earth shattering noise.
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    Kijana msafi = randy

    Upper echelon mbirrionare, eating life with a spade. hapana tambua gypsum :D:D
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    Tanasha Donna complains of non existent child support

    When her puthy was wrapped around his diik, she thought she could tame the beast.. but the boy is wild. lessons in life another singo matha.
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    @Machaa wa Hadithi

    Kumbe Macha ni desperado.
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    Kitu Gani ushafanyia mtu ukidhani atakushukuru lakini wapi (ungrateful people)

    Women in general, feeling you are obligated to spend mulla on their azz because they have a puthy.
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    Musician Guardian angel, Love or poverty?

    Amevaa digaga kama mask

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