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    The kind of teamwork that the America will be up against in future ;hail oriental culture

    Hii sweep jo! hiyo ni serious TKO. Maliza yeye.
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    Current Definition Of Social & Physical Distancing Is WRONG!

    You work in Mombasa and your wife lives in Nairobi = Social Distance You and your bank teller are 1 Metre apart = Physical distance
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    Mwanaume Maskini Kuoa Mke Kutoka Kwa Jamii Tajiri Ni Chazo Cha Migogoro

    I have witnessed this scenario twice. A man from poor background married a girl from rich family. At first things go on smoothly but a few years down the road shida zinaanza. When my buddy used to visit his old folks ushago the born tao kids would not spend the nights kwa cucu wao since there...
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    Muggings in thes Gid forsaken streets of nairobbery

    Mwaka wa 2005 hapo junction ya Ronald Ngara na Tom Mboya kulikuwa Casino na pub that later burnt down. Went drinking over there in October Moi or Kenyatta day can't recall which. Tukachapa maji hadi past midnight. So around 12.30am Mimi nikasema naenda hapo Ambassador nichukue cab inidrop home...
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    Oscar Sudi and William Ruto caught asleep on the job

    These are graves of victims and survivors of The Common Wealth War. Very old graves just like the ones near Nyayo stadium
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    Ancient Africans Were Wiped Out & Went With Their Great Knowledge

    True. Levitation is the only explanation as to how these beings transported 600 tonne blocks from Sudan to Egypt. 8 million blocks is no mean feat.
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    Ancient Africans Were Wiped Out & Went With Their Great Knowledge

    I am not talking about Mayans. There were other much older civilizations in Chile and Peru, they were the Incas. There are so many unexplainable lines on the Nazca plateau.
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    Ancient Africans Were Wiped Out & Went With Their Great Knowledge

    After the construction of the Pyramids Of Giza the aliens initiated a nuclear war in Sodom, Gomorrah, India and the African Sahel and South America's Peru. That generation that had been exposed to Alien technology was wiped out. Who made this runway on top of a mountain in South America...
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    Mawakili Wa Kijiji, Saidieni Hapa

    What will happen in the unlikely event that The National Assembly Is Dissolved? Does the country go to a by election months to a General Election?
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    One Of The Most Important Sites To Convert Formats Online. Images, Audio, Videos, eBooks etc

    I am not advertising but this site is cool.
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    Advice this man

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    Kenya Will Be A s#ith0le For A Long Time If The Discpline In Rwanda Is Anything to Go By

    There is ONLY ONE difference between Kenya and Rwanda. We all have Laws but In Rwanda people follow the law, In Kenya people don't.
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    HKM gets a whole new meaning