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    Home internet.

    Thank you for that information @ilonMask, I will notify them of the same then e will months later hear what their experience will be. Thank you again.
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    Home internet.

    Alright @ilonMask, with the knowledge that you have concerning both without due influence, between Saf na Zuk, which one would you advise him to take?
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    Home internet.

    Alright @Ule Mlanje, cool. After he joins Zuku, what are the downsides as you says kuwa atajipanga? Nayo Saf, when shared, will it be as slow as he says Faiba has been getting? Thanks.
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    Home internet.

    Actually it's not me @ilonMask but a friend, I am taking notes though. Sande sana.
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    Home internet.

    Thank you for that @MISCHIEF
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    Home internet.

    Help a fellow peasant. He has been using Faiba MiFi, mostly the 1k monthly bouquet at his home in South B but has of late been saying that his family is depleting the 1k very fast. I am suspecting that they're watching a lot of yutube... He is looking for other providers, enquiring about Zuku...
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    Xmas help yourself if you know

    Uzee waleta shida. Hizi zatumika na IPTV ama?
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    What Brands Have You Owned?

    Nokia severally, a Chinese I can't recall, Motorola, Samsung, ZTE, Alcatel, Sony Ericsson, LG, Tecno, Doogee, X-tigi, Huawei in that order.
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    Matatus ban Mpesa coz passengers reverse fare payment

    Thanks, I was just about to respond thus coz Saf calls for confirmation before they can effect the reversal....
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    @meria saidia

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    @meria saidia

    Zinaweza patikana lakini chache kisha tena Nilesat ni Ku sio C band. Tafuta LNB ya Ku ya kutumia kwa prime focus dish for best results.
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    Premium TV FTA Channels Provider

    T They have been there for some months.....they're better than nothing.
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    @meria saidia

    Ni channels gani watafuta ndivyo tuchunguze kama footprint yafika eneo hilo?
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    Any who tried what is going on at 51.5 East?

    I can't bother wasting my time training my dish on it, even if channels appear today they'll eventually be encrypted tomorrow. TSTV has been a kiruka njia