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    Kenya ships rare fossils to France against protocol

    most kenyans are religious fundamentalists so they won't understand the magnitude of this betrayal
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    You woke up three times to vote for uhuru knowing very well he's a thief. So it's not about corruption but tribe . We all know hata wewe ukipewa kura utaiba tu
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    Kalenjins warn kenyans against electing hasla in 2022. Ati wanajua yeye ni mwisi and kenyans will regret

    uhuru ni mlevi mwisi amalize tu aende ,, 2022 is hustler affair :cool:
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    Your data and 3rd parties

    me too but they can still get your ip if they are onto you so on top of that is to ensure your browsing behaviour isn't UNIQUE to you because that's what's used to digitally fingerprint people , it should be broad,general not specific to what can be used to identify you
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    Your data and 3rd parties

    Kenyans have no idea just how much of their data they are giving away. Even a simple google search is harvesting your data
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    The Myth of American Millitary Superiority

    Do you chuckle at african unity because you think it's impossible? or because being perennial victim beggar is profitable?
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    china ready for war

    Do you know why USA didn't nuke vietnam? Because the soviets were armed, Owning nuclear weapons is surest way to be safe from american imperialism but still in the end it's the common people that suffered
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    The Myth of American Millitary Superiority

    Ok good point. China is imperialist, but atleast their front is economic not blowing things to smithereens like uncle sam, Either way africa is getting shafted.
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    The Myth of American Millitary Superiority

    That's like switching seats in the titanic. africa must unite and consolidate it's Dollar and bargaining power otherwise tutaendelea kutumiwa tu
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    BREAKING : COVID VACCINE IS NOT THE CURE!!! Vaccinated people are dying from Covid-19.

    Hehehe good thing is you're seemigly very happy, good day
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    Woman Plays Dead

    LOL:D these kkkarens have too much times on their hands
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    BREAKING: Macron declares war on Muslim extremists.

    islamic extremism thrives on persecution ,, good luck to them
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    One-Sided Fights Against Corruption are Better than NONE

    thats what i was saying , targetting one side will only anger their supporters because then i will not be about corruption but political affiliation. yaani "mbona sisi peke yetu" . it would also embolden the other side to loot more,, like what would stop them from stealling 10 times even 100...
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    One-Sided Fights Against Corruption are Better than NONE

    I never said I want no war, I just want a fair war because One sided fight is counter productive and makes no overall difference in the fight against corruption. Thieves will just switch affiliations and continue stealing
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    nairobi phone snatchers baited by content creator

    I'm seeing your shit because I haven't blocked you yet.. lol:D it's not rocket science

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