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    Kenya needs an ethnic federalism

    The comments in this post just prove what I have always advocated for. People feel that their tribe being in power represents their interest whatever. Because Kenyans cannot learn to coexist as one the best option is to have ethnic federal states running their one affairs and have rotational...
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    Why I love Kagame.. Haters jitoe

    they are people who will never follow the law and enforcement of this laws is what will make them change their behavior and attitudes
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    Why I love Kagame.. Haters jitoe

    Its because the govt is not enforcing the laws. If the hawkers and car drivers who invade pedestrian walkways and cycling lanes were to be hugely fined or even sent to prison, people will start shaping up
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    Shida yetu nini?

    You may not know what Kagame knows as an outsider..Maybe those guys want to destabilize the country. But i am not saying killing them is justified
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    Grand Mullah Amaliza Jayden

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    Shida yetu nini?

    Shida ya Kenya ni moja tu.. No enforcement of laws. Rwanda is doing better because Kagame is enforcing the laws.
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    Why I love Kagame.. Haters jitoe

    This citizen video sums it up why the only African leader I value and recognize personally is Kagame. The rest I don't give a damn about them. If we had a Kagame in Kenya with all our bright minds and resources we will be first world in few years time
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    Some people think that in mature democracies elections are won on account of Issues. I will say "olisikia wapi"? Show me any mature democracy where elections have been won on issues. All the elections world wide are won based on pure propaganda and populist ideas. In 2017 Trump campaigned as an...
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    Some lead;others follow

    This Hustler vs Dynasties narrative seems to be working and giving goosebumps...(though its just a good campaign propaganda narrative without any iota of truth)
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    Tiktok is here to stay Says Trump Trump agrees to Oracle deal for TikTok in US Ban on downloading popular video app to be delayed as president signs off on agreement with ByteDance TikTok has become entangled in America’s trade battle with China © REUTERS Share on...
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    Deep State vs God, System vs People Hustler vs Dyansties

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    RUTO cattle Rustler Thug

    fake news
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    Wahome Thuku is such a great writer and thinker.

    This is just pure propaganda and fitina. I normally turn dead hear to it unless there is evidence.. As a person who has once been acused falsely and people bought those false accusations.. I rarely buy allegations made with no evidence to back it up
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    Senate should be made an upper house

    But the new constitution give powers to national assembly to vet judges, cabinet ministers and other officials as opposed to the senate