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    Problem Child

    You can't cage down this guys over pu**y. There addiction (drugs) comes first on their list of priorities. My elder brother used to steal from the wife, yet it's the wife who used to fend to feed and cloth his children. All family jobs we've tried to secure for him he's lost. To top it off he...
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    Problem Child

    I would suggest rehabilitation but we once took an older brother huko but the results were futile. It all depends on his will to change. No need to try and dictate how one should live yet his perspective view of life is totally different. Let him be.
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    @chifumbitika's home

    explain this ghasia?
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    @chifumbitika's home

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    Village Grandpa Kuja hapa

    Also small g has the same writing.
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    Decision making in he house as the King of the house

    ... join them.
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    20sausans ama 50sausans...
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    Elders saidieni - When a kunguru you wanna smash anakuomba pesa

    Unaoa lini ama you've been married all this time na unajichocha mgeetow or is it redpilled.
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    Jubilee is the ultimate

    Maghasia who is running the gov't?
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    REAL DEEP STATE mwenye anafanya Langatkipro askie kukojoa

    Sasa hii kura yako moja ndo inakufanya ukue na sense of entitlement.
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    Mali safi - Chap certified

    agreed. i hold your statements justified.
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    Explicit Help needed urgently

    Piriton kwa unga na umewamaliza. (Crashed) But it's cause not "goes".
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    Dealing with rejection

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    Samsung wameamuaje leo?

    Fourth year with my Motorola.