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    ktalk peasants unveiled

    Barely an answer buh issorait
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    18+ Wangapi

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    Saidieni mimi na mawaidha

    How do you know that you know (fundamentals philosophical question) How much is sufficient to justify your having money
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    ktalk peasants unveiled

    @PHARMACY if you can hear me our viewers would be glad to know why you use snakes for witchcraft
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    Magic shrooms available, 900 a gram, Whatsapp +254113147331

    Magic shrooms available, 900 a gram, Whatsapp +254113147331
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    Nakuru Town

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    Wasafi Bets

    Hawana tax??
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    Wasafi Bets

    Isn't 1xbet just working as fine as far as tax is concerned?
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    Wasafi Bets

    Sijui . I've seen it for the first time from your image
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    Wasafi Bets

    Have you tried them via airtel?
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    Wamama wa Kanisa

    Ata mm nitaenda huku niingie youth but got me wondering after how many attempts coz mm ni introvert na sipendi social gathering. Au ni njia gani rahisi naeza enda first day na nikuwe sorted for options to the girls there.
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    SAMIDOH on a vacation in Mombasa with a slay queen after parting ways with his wife

    Harra detected. He's still the best.
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    Kevin Hart "Die Hart Movie" link

    Want to download any links please
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    18+ Edna VIP

    BTW umewahi jiuliza what is the connection coz that's so true ni kama Dame wa church na kukuwa mtaro...
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    18+ Edna VIP

    Iko wapi? Anagawa?