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    Landlord Wife

    Mimi na hii bhangi yangu kuna siku nillingia nyumba and we were sharing same compound na landlord. I am always looking very innocent. After one week landlord wanted me to help him push his corolla car yenye starter ilikuwa na shida. My friend, jama aligonga mlango and I was burning. Every...
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    Wababa na wasichana wadogo

    Must you understand everything, ama nilete Hekaya?
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    Landlord Wife

    @Dzunza mambo ya bhangi wachia wanao choma wewe endelea kukunywa chan'gaa na busaa
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    Real meaning of Slum-Scraper

    Soon will be the abandoned and most creepy houses in RUssia
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    Statistics That People Don't Like Believing In But Ndio UKWELI!

    You were the Dumbest in that class shity hole buoy!
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    Best place to live in Nakuru

    Njoro, Molo, Elburgon, Olenguruoni
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    Landlord Wife

    Never leave in any house or apartment where you share the same compound with Landlord or landlady. Reg Flag, Kimbia
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    Wababa na wasichana wadogo

    I once told by girlfriend nilimpata na mwanaume na hiyo haijamanisha anicontrol. Anm just compesating
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    Wababa na wasichana wadogo

    Itisha Jug pale kwa counter ya black, nalipia
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    Ndume ni Ku Simp

    I do not give the tithe, because everything they do in Church has nothing to do with God. I donate my money to people I feel really need it more than I do. But I do not spend it on WOMEN for SEX as you do.
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    Wadau, mnaonaje hii maneno?

    We were born when the BEAST was already with us. let us not pretend that the beast will be coming, yet it is already with us for thousands of years. Now, what we eat, our lifestyle, almost everything we do on this planet Earth belongs to the BEAST. The idea is from the BEAST. WE are in Hell and...
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    Ndume ni Ku Simp

    Well said, I SAID ON WOMEN< Fagot. Did I mention family here. Read my words WOMEN ijiot
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    Ndume ni Ku Simp

    Yes, even spending your money on women is a big CULT
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    Faggot, what? samehea? Bullshit
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    KPLC To Venture Into ISP Business Using It's Infrastructure As The Backbone

    If they cannot provide us with stable letricity what of Internet? Hiyo internet itakuwa inapotea kama hizi stima zao, bullshit idea for KPLC. Anyway wacha wajaribu