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    I am not happy, and i dont know why

    Check your BP and Sugar. Thank me later...
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    This guy from Mukuru wa Zukabaga...

    ... swinging their flat buttocks nd looking like scarecrows ! Research continues... Hapa haujasema vizuri.
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    City Park Shooting: Season 1 episode 2

    Effects of Miraa on reproduction system Spermatorrhea- a condition where a man suffers continuous ejaculation Inhibited urine flow(due to constricted blood vessels) Inability to attain and sustain an erection Inhibits blood flow to the reproductive system In women dries the lining of the...
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    Juba - South Sudan

    May thanks for your response on the above. I will use the information provided and secure a good hotel for approx. $100 (Since my original budget of KES 4,000 has proved to be too low) . I will share the experience when i come back. Thanks again.
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    Juba - South Sudan

    Well then, lets see the preferences ...
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    Juba - South Sudan

    Looking for a good hotel in Juba, preferably along the white Nile. Should have English/Swahili specking staff, African food, tight security. Budget is KES 4,000 per night ONO. Kindly assist. If you have contacts you can inbox me. Thanks in advance.
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    If you have not seen this...Click
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    Wee ong'er.. Ebu toka mbio hapa..

    Well, i would then like to see proof of the edge of this "flat earth", after that we can discuss about class 5 stuff about the Earth, sun and moon...
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    K.N.H @ it again.

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    The Firearms Act (Cap. 114)

    Kwa wale hawajaona...
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    Shithole country it is!

    Well said, these feminists/Women reps/Slay queens/one 3rd gender rule proponents/bla bla bla should concentrate on "educating" the girl child. I am not "talking" about educating them on the conventional studies like the laws of physics, algebra, English pronunciations but i am talking about...
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    Kenyan Mentality

    I beg to differ on this Rongai issue. Last year (2017), when there was a hype about building a dual carriage way from Bomas - Kona Baridi, a survey exercise was done where it was established that the way-leave for Magandi road plan as at 1958 was 30m wide. Beacons were being located under story...
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    Kenyan Mentality

    Guys, guys, guys...that's the best we can do, as African, it has been proven scientifically before. Remember the IQ levels is normally 15 points lower than the colonizers, ... (Without prejudice)
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    Why white people are more intelligent than blacks

    Very interesting, although i did not like the comparison between Kenya and China ... Why choose Kenya among all other low IQ African countries?,,, But we (nigga males) should proud of having other bigger know what i mean..
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    Zambia's new Chinese police officers