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    Beware of Jumia's SD cards

    I only use Jumia for price comparison and then I hit the streets. Alafu sd cards are the one thing that make enter safaricom shops and meekly fork over my money.
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    Guys what is the work of government in Kenya

    This excerpt is about the USA and it's NSA , but the definition of government therein pretty much sums what a government is to me.
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    Xiaomi redmi 9 64Gb

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    i have settled on this phone

    Xiaomi have them. You have to switch them off in each and every in built app
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    How mzito Trump saved the world from nuclear annihilation

    Jong Un aliona land whale akasema awachi buana. Trump naye akatoa through pass ki De Bruyne banae
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    Is the Phone Worth It

    Hapa indirectly umenipatia solution. Kumbe all I had to do was switch to 3g? Coz hata lipa na mpesa ilikua imekataa. Switched to 3g and it worked. So maybe the issue here is Safaricom 4g, ama?
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    Is the Phone Worth It

    I have been up country for about a week now Eldoret, Kitale Kapenguria. I am having similar issues with the Redmi 9:mad: Messages zinakam through on WhatsApp (Telkom data) ATI mbona niko mteja on my Safaricom line. Really inconvenient coz I am here for work.
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    Explicit Jalango and kamene sex tape

    Pewa Guinness tatu elder. Master level observation. Ama uko na kitambi pia?
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    Next Midranger

    Simu ya 5G ? In Kenya in 2020? Is a no for me. Nice phone all round, but I'm not spending my money on that.
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    Next Midranger

    OnePlus Nord launch confirmed
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    Nicki Minaj heavily pregnant

    Huyo Mtoto wa Niki Minaj atazaliwa na multiple personality disorder as a bare minimum :D:D:D
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    I know I posted about the Redmi 9 but guys ....

    Yes. It's quite nice for boosting standby time. Especially for those 3500 - 4000 mAh devices. 5000mah ones don't really need it though. But if you are a gamer, you should get it. Two or three more standby hours
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    I know I posted about the Redmi 9 but guys ....

    Tbh Xiaomi launches too many devices for my liking. And the recycling games are so tiring
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    I know I posted about the Redmi 9 but guys ....

    No I can't. I rely on XDA as well. Sorry