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    Xiaomi phones

    I'm waiting for the redmi 9. Looks good enough for me
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    Xiaomi phones

    My redmi 5 was elite with that Havoc OS rom. I miss that phone
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    Have you guys noticed?

    Embakasi they even have their own chuoms
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    Have you guys noticed?

    I used to think like that but the times have changed
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    Have you guys noticed?

    What is my argument?
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    Have you guys noticed?

    Just an observation that there are more Kalenjins now than before. Not really scientific
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    Have you guys noticed?

    10 to 15 years ago there were no Kalenjins in the hood. But right now they are in the slums. Living there and out drinking anyone who steps up. That cheap stuff of course. What changed for them? I mean, their leader is right up there in the presidency, right?
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    The 5th Estate. Ruto and the Kikuyu Nation, is there betrayal

    William "It is better to feared than to be loved" Samoei Ruto ... "The game has just started" - Kabogo
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    ulisema hii story ya unanimous, nikaenda kuangalia predictions zao za NFL, kisha nikazicompare na za American gamblers pale reddit, nikaona zinamatch. kuminimize risk, nikareduce hizo handicaps where possible alafu nikabet pale betpawa. checking today naona matokeo. thanks
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    Baba Successor

    Third Way alliance maybe. But wasizame kama PK last time round
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    Also go to settings and uncheck auto download for media like pictures and videos
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    The Weeknd

    That mixtape with balloons on the cover is how I discovered this guy. Back when mixtapetorrent was current. Fast forward to when he took a Beyonce and Jay Z song and actually MADE IT BETTER. I am a fan.