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    Things are tough bana. Lets hope watalipa hata kama ni pole pole
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    18+ Most brothels closed now

    Hapa inaitwa ebrufication 101
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    Akina Tala na Branch gave discounts of around 25%. Then they no longer offer loans to people. That means something.
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    TV guard

    Thanks. Very insightful
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    TV guard

    Do you use these normal tv/fridge guards or other sophisticated ones ?
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    TV guard

    I have one already. I have been using it for almost 3 years. The other day my H/T refused to power on. Took it to a technician and he repaired. I just thought it wise to buy a tv guard to protect it.
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    TV guard

    Yes to what exactly sir ? Niweke tv guard kwa socket i.protect vituu kadhaa au tv guard kwa extension i.protect kitu moja ?
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    TV guard

    Wadau, saidieni hapa. I have not been using a tv guard. So my H/T juzi ime kuwa affected na stima juu ya power fluctuations. Fundi akai fufua. So I have bought a tv guard. Swali ni, can I plug in the tv guard kwa socket kwa ukuta, then I plug an extension kwa tv guard. I presume this will guard...
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    Wakenya Huchezewa Shere Sana: Convicted Grace Wakhungu raises excess of KSh 800M to pay KSh 707.7M court fine

    :D:D:D:D Wanataka watumie hizo pesa za corruption bila kuchunguzwa ??
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    Android 10 is shit

    I think it might be having an issue. My phone started restarting a few weeks ago then freezes on the samsung logo. It has so far done this thrice. My phone is less than 1.5 years.
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    Alpha males tutunze mwili

    I like most MGTOW & Redpill ideas. What I fail to understand is why still pedestalize sex at age 70 sijui 90 +.
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    18+ Siwezimind

    Rexxumbwa should attend your classes.
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    My Customer User Interface(CUI) gone blank.

    I dont think there is any. I had a similar problem and the only option was to wait for a new device from KPLC.
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    My Customer User Interface(CUI) gone blank.

    Hiyo ime chapa. Liase with Kplc wakupee nyingine.
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    18+ Kubwa Kubwa 5

    Huyo wa tatu yuko hadi na stamp.