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    *Gory image of al shabaab on lamu 2 jan 2022

    Waah that video jamani , It almost made me drop my phone, si the last time I checked, there were some kdf operations on ground patrolling lamu n boni forest? Wao hufanya nini uko kwani? Selling charcoal n eating biscuits .
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    Oil marketers protest offloading of refined product at port, write to DCI, EACC

    'Elite' must be the owners of Rubis mlisema ni kina Nani
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    Uhuru amefanya kazi

    Alafu arudi 254 , Akufie bedsitter kama mwenzake
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    Amazon Shopping

    Bu but I&m also has that very shitty portal to manage the card ,I logged in severally then I was locked out of the portal just like that .and are you sure sbm has multicurrency cards am finding none on their website except union pay.
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    Amazon Shopping

    Hiyo ya sbm how many currencies does it hold ? Niliona ya Barclays holds over 5 currencies, ya I&M holds 3 currencies, whatever you pick maybe you can consider picking that which holds more currencies .
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    Mgtow = Freedom RIP Kariuki

    Kama @******* Kiaganu hataki kazi si mnipee hiyo kazi wajameni Niko mbaya saidi .
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    Mgtow = Freedom RIP Kariuki

    Detectives are piecing together the last moments of Juja-based medic Joseph Kariuki who was killed two weeks ago. Kariuki, 26, a clinical officer was murdered on November 24 night inside his private medical clinic at Riuriro area in Theta ward, Juja Sub-county in what police believe was a case...
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    Eti AliExpress no longer shipping with Posta. Good or bad? What do you think about it?

    Precisely I told pple here to discuss in low tones Githii could be here masquerading as a talker now see. f**k you Kra! When things start changing for the better you f**k up so as to maintain the status quo shenzi Sana .
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    Best mifi

    But but this doesn't have faiba bands.
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    The best smartphone of all time

    By value then it's OnePlus atleast going by this poll .
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    Eti AliExpress no longer shipping with Posta. Good or bad? What do you think about it?

    Na muongee pole pole Githii mburu asiwasikie .
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    Smartly Designed Carts.

    The guy alijiona mjeuri Sana luckily talkers av given me leads on wea I can get them.Nitafika huko na mbisha .
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    Smartly Designed Carts.

    Noted n thanks alot @captain obvious I appreciate the fact that whenever we seek help regarding issues we know little about fellow talkers always help .Asante Sana will do what you and @upepo have advised.
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    Smartly Designed Carts.

    And I think that's why the guy is charging as high as 15k per month ndio pia apate za kanjo .